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  1. I can prove the data usage I was charged for is company usage. I have went through my itemised bills and hi lighted all the charges. I have also done this with my emails on my laptop to show the usage is exactly the same as the data used to send and receive my work emails
  2. The only thing I know of in writing is that the phone can be used for personal usage but any texts or calls outside of the contract will be charged for and removed from my wages. The emails are all company emails not personal. I have checked the MegaByte usage per day and it tally's up perfectly with my email usage through Outlook from my phone
  3. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice before I bring this up with my employer. I currently have a company phone and as I use this for personal use as well I have agreed to pay for any text messages sent. This I have no problems with however my recent phone bills have been ranging from £120.00 to £185.00. This is taken directly from my wages each month! I have asked for itemised copies of each months bills and have discovered that I am being charged for data usage on my phone. For example this month my bill was £185.00. From this £30.00 was text messages and the remainder was data usage. I have worked out from these bills that this data usage is in fact from sending COMPANY emails from my phone. My question is, how do I bring this up with my employer and then claim the money back from them. I have worked out I am owed approximately £700.00 for these charges over the past 6 months. Also as the money was taken from my wages and I have been taxed on this am I within my rights to ask for a company cheque or cash back rather than having the rebate added back onto my wages. Can people please advise how I should proceed? Thanks,
  4. I will check my file when I return home tonight as im just at a service station on my way back! Dont know but again will check everything when I return. I will have statements or will get one form the bank tomorrow! What sites except experien are good as i cancelled my membership with them and dont want to be charged if i go back and check again? Speak soon. Cheers mate
  5. Right don't know what to do in this situation. Here is some background 1st. I moved out of my dads property last year due to family problems and continuous arguments with him over a period of years and have had zero contact with him ever since. Any post that is still sent to his address is collected by a family friend and passed across to myself. Now the problems is that I had an £200.00 overdraft on a visa debit card with Nationwide that I no longer used. The balance of this stood as £200.00 overdrawn. I forgot about this account as it was never used. Nationwide were provided with my new address for statements etc. I received a letter from Nationwide in January telling me of the amount owed and that I must contact them to arrange a payment plan or pay this off, which I duly did. I arranged with one of their call centre employees that as I was starting a new job I would have my wages from February onwards paid into his account to clear the overdraft and place it in credit. This was agreed and happened as planned the following month. Midway through January I received a letter from Moorcroft to my new address stating that the debt had been passed onto them to collect which I ignored! At the end of January my wages were paid into this account as stated and the overdraft wiped off. I then closed the account with the bank as it was no longer used! No more letters from Moorcroft as promised... or so I thought! Midway through March I had my monthly mail passed across from the said family friend from my Dads house. Enclosed within this was a letter from Moorcroft stating that if they did not receive payment within 14 days they would issue me with a default and they may send in the bailiffs to collect the outstanding amount. I was also informed that they had been bombarding my Dad with phone calls non stop to the point where he was frightened to answer the phone and was understandably fuming with this! Well I contacted Nationwide regarding this expressing my concerns to which the reply was "you need to contact Moorcroft". I responded with why should I do this when the debt is paid off and the account has been closed! The unhelpful operator said there was nothing she could do and the conversation ended abruptly. Now I have since found out that Moorcroft have indeed send around bailiffs to my Dads house repeatedly. Every time he has told them that I no longer live at the address and this is verging on harassment. This has effectively ended our already fragile/ non existent relationship with my Dad and has meant that most of my family will no longer speak to me! Now my Dads health was already in a very bad before I left home and has since went down hill with the increasing stress and pressure Moorcroft are putting onto him (he is type 2 diabetic) resulting in him fitting and being generally in a very bad shape! Now my question to you is what should my next move be? They have made his life a living hell, damaged his health further and have practically destroyed the fragile relationship I have with him and the rest of my family. Also this debt DOES NOT EXIST! What do you all advise. What can I claim from them if anything and how can I get this mess stopped permanently? Your help is really appreciated people! Thanks J
  6. I have received letter number 2 from civil enforcement Ltd today. Well I say I have. By this I mean my employer as it was my company car that i got "done" in for parking over the allowed time limit. Now my employer knows its a farce but isn't too happy about the letters. I rang CEL today to ask them to send the letters to my home address rather than work to be told that this is an "advice and payment line" and that I would have to send my details in with an appeal letter to Liverpool (this woman was based in London). I had a little rant when she told me that they would process it within 10 days... However my letter says "court action in 7 days". Doesn't make sense to me! To add insult to injury the comedian on the other end of the phone advised me to "pay the fine now to stop the letters and then if my appeal was successful the money would be refunded at a later date"... I honestly think she mistook me for an idiot like sh*te would I be paying the fine was my response to her! She also managed to answer my question of " is this a legal parking ticket" with the answer of "this is a valid and legal parking charge!" Now my question is this.... What should I include in the letter to them regarding using my home address and how far should I play with these idiots for?
  7. Nope I have to pay the fine etc as the van was in my possesion. I will speak to work and tell them to pass on my details and address as I am the one responsible. Once the correspondence starts coming through to my home address and I completely ignore everything will they contact my employer again and chase it that way?
  8. So what exactly should I do next. Work have said that its my van so my responsibility which is fair enough. Don't really want them being dragged into it! How should I go about contacting this company regarding this matter as im not particularly clued up on law as you guys are?
  9. Hi, Just thought I wold ask some quick advice regarding this matter. Basically I was at a Mcdonalds the other day with a few friends and we were there quite a while. When I got into work today I was told that they had been sent a PCN enforcement notice stating that I had to pay £120 or £60 if paid within 14 days as I had exceeded the maximum allowed stay in their car park! Now my main point is that my works van which I was in is BRIGHT YELLOW with the companies details all over it. This is quite clear to see! On the PCN it clearly states that I was in a SILVER van which is not the case. All of the other details are however correct. On the ticket they have stated that they have photographic evidence which (should) show the van is Yellow. My point is can I object to this notice due to the vans colour being in correct and I really don't want to pay it? I have attached the PCN Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. Just spoke to the clamping department at the DVLA (much more helpful than the idiots at DSL) Car is being released FREE OF CHARGE tonight as it is parked on private land so they have no jurisdiction. Dont know if this will help but I was given this number from the DVLA: Clamping control: 01792 788 216 Its amazing what you can do if you fight these companies Jamie
  11. Hi not sure if this is the right section but im looking for some advice regarding the above. My car got clamped outside my flat on friday morning by a company that ive now found out is DSL. My questions are: 1. Where do i stand. ve just bought the car and only received the V5 document on Wednesday? which means that i was unable to tax or SORN the vehicle (the previous owner SORN'd the vehicle when the tax ran out) 2. Contacted the DVLA today and SORN'd the vehicle. I gave DSL these details but they said they were unable to access the DVLA's systems so could not do anything? They asked to to ring the DVLA back and ask them to put a general note on the system saying the car was SORN'd! 3. When i asked the woman from DSL if she was from the DVLA or a private compnay she got very up tight and started with an attitude saying they were "contractors"?- So does this mean they are a private company who have nothing to do with the DVLA? 4. I have until 5:30 or they are going to remove the car... What can I do? Thanks Jamie
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