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  1. if you pay your council tax late(a few days maybe a week)does this show up on you credit report as late payments?,any help please.
  2. is there anyway of having a ccj removed from your credit file once it has been settled, I have one, have now arranged a payment schedule with the creditor, can I apply to the court to recall it?, can I apply to the court to have it set aside?(after satisfaction), the debt was from 2007, but the ccj was registered in 2010, so I wont be able to get any credit until at least 2016, not that I want masses of credit, Ive learned a lot over the last 5 years about being in too much debt, although this ccj was for a relatively small amount and will be satisfied in early 2012.
  3. .............to find out how long ago I owned a certain car?
  4. If you have not signed anything mate,then I would walk away,and when the dealer asks why you have had a change of heart,tell him,you will get great satisfaction seeing his face drop as he see's his profit walking out the door
  5. just done a ccj search on the registry trust and to my surprise there is only one ccj on there for £780,so,not the end of the world,will sort this out tomorrow once I have found out for sure which company it is,though I would like to get some answers to these questions 1. I have only ever had local credit(essex),so why has the CCJ been issued from Northampton ccpc? 2. Does the registry show ALL CCJ's that have EVER been issued against you,or just the ones in the last 6 years? just want to get this sorted now,your help is much appreciated,thanks.
  6. Hi, I defaulted on 2 credit agreements,one about 5 years ago the other about 4 years ago,now eventually I was sent,at different times obviously,what I was lead to believe,2 ccj's for these debts,(they said something about county court judgment on the letter,I didnt really look too closely)and that was the last I heard about them for about 3 years,no attachment of earnings, no court appointed bailiff,nothing,could it possibly have been that the firms involved were just scaremongering?That what I believed to be ccj's were in fact not ccj's?,is this possible?.And then about a year ago I moved
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