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  1. Thanks for the all the replies. I have told her from day one that she shouldn't pay this. £60 as the initial 'discounted' charge soon rises to £90 and then £120 according to their letters. That is a lot of money, especially considering that she had after all purchased a pay and display ticket (even though she ended up staying longer than anticipated, for the reasons mentioned). I fear however that she will end up paying, simply to alleviate the distress. She has never had a fine/points on her license/been to court in her life for anything, so this has been a shock to her. I have pointed h
  2. Hi, I'm new to this. My mum received a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye for having parked in a pay and display car park for 1 hour and 32 minutes, with "time allowed" showing as 0 minutes. This was odd as she had paid for and displayed a one hour ticket, purchased about five minutes after arriving. She returned to the car before the 1 hour ticket expired, with me returning shortly afterwards. I however needed to go to the toilet fairly desperately, and as there was one on site, I went there while she remained in the car. The trip to the toilet ended up taking longer than anticipated, but
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