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  1. Hi DX I should have said at the time, but in regards to 26 Mar 2007 with Fredrickons I did not receive any letters from them. The first debt letter I received in regards to this matter was in Jan 2009 from Wescott. In regards to the Notice of Assignment (NOA), the recent letter from AG states I received one of those but I never have. The only way I found out who had purchased the debt was from letters from Fredrickson's 2 years ago and when you (or Brig) asked me who their client was. That's when the digging and delving started on this matter. I only started paying towards the debt in June 2010 after receiving a letter from Fredrickson's and stupidly telephoning them about it. Never before. And I always wave my arms around in situations like this. It's the only time I ever get noticed . With thanks. BM.
  2. Hi DX After reading through said paperwork I have come across the following in date order: 26 Mar 2007: Issued to Freds. 1st placement bal £1622.42 21 Oct 2008: Issued to Moorcroft. 1st placement bal £1622.42. I never received any letters from Moorcroft. 5 Jan 2009: Issued to Wescott. Bal £1622.42. I did receive a letter from Wescott in Jan 09. I replied and they wrote back in May 09 just before I moved to my present location. I did reply to their May 2009 letter. 5 Jan 2009: Issued to Wescott. Bal £1622.42. (Written twice on form so I've included also). 2 Dec 2009: Account returned from Wescott. 2nd placement sent for debt sale. 7 Dec 2009: Moved to prime debt queue as prepared for debt sale. 7 Dec 2009: Account prepared for prime debt sale. 19 May 2010: Closed Status. From account not closed to sold ac to a CAIS member.. This must be when Fredricksons took over because I received a letter from them in June 2010. Is this information you were requiring? If it is I hope it makes sense. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to ask. With thanks. BM.
  3. Hi DX and Brig Sorry I wasn't online yesterday. BRIG: The letter from AG is on Page 15, #293, dated 23 November. I had to type it out because I have no ink in my printer and it needs ink to scan. In January 2009 I received a letter from Wescott Debt Collection Agency re NW. I wrote back. They replied in May 2009, about a week/ten days before I moved to my current address. I didn't give them my new address. Unfortunately I now longer have Wescotts letters only my replies on my computer, and I don't know who their client was either. Sorry. You can tell I was rather green behind the ears in the early days. The next thing that happens is I receive a letter from Fredricksons in June 2010 and that is when I stupidly telephoned them, was threatened to pay, and when I started to pay £20 per month from June 2010 to October 2011 when I heard about CAG. Unfortunately I don't have all correspondence from Fredricksons, the first letter I have is dated 30 November 2011. I received a letter before that date but a friend I had at the time tore it up into little pieces before it was opened, and it became an 'impossipuzzle' and I had no choice but to just throw it away. I also don't have the first letter from June 2010 either. However, on their letters they state that Arrow Global is their client, if that helps. However, I have kept all letters received from Rotterdales, commencing April 2012 to September 2013. Does this information help at all? If you require anything else don't hesitate to ask. I can take photos of letters and post them up if that will help. Thanks again. BM. P.S. Companies like these don't like people like me who fight them do they? . I've always fought the system. I'm trying to help my brother out at the moment. Shipping clerk. 12 hour shifts. Not allowed to have any breaks, not even 'personal' breaks. Something wrong there.
  4. Brig Thank you for replying; as always it is greatly appreciated. I would absolutely appreciate your help and assistance with this situation. Between you and DX you have both been my saviours with this situation and I have always, from the start, been very grateful to you both for the help, assistance, and time you have given to me in regards to this matter. Please, write away because to be honest I'm not really sure what to say/write as this situation is new to me so I'm kind of panicky a bit (sorry dx - boring ). Thank you for you continuous contribution. I am very grateful to you. BM.
  5. That bad huh? I know my brother was only trying to help, but would appreciate additional if it means getting the words on paper correctly and legally &c.. With thanks. BM.
  6. Hi DX I have typed out the letter my brother write to AG, changing only one word (he didn't use the word 'gum') and attached as a PDF. Let me know what your thoughts are. I am more than willing to change anything you deem inappropriate/unacceptable, or add something you feel necessary. With thanks in advance. BM.
  7. Hi Would it be possible for some additional advice on this. I ask because AG, according to their recent letter, have given me 31 days to 'get this sorted' and I need to know what to do in case they throw the big book of debt and accounting at me. With thanks. BM.
  8. Hi DX The boxes on the form have been crossed for 'No', so how would I be able to reclaim PPI and CPP? I'm sorry for the late replies but my brother visited me today. He knows about the situation and I showed him the letter and he was horrified, saying that it smelt and smacked of being patronizing. I have also shown him the statements so he could see for himself that the amounts paid have not been debited from the NW debt itself as the statements still show the full amount outstanding, and if I was to request a statement for last and this month they will still show the full amount outstanding. After showing him the letter I wrote in September he said that AG have clearly not replied to my query in regards to why those funds have not been debited, and have just sent a 'statement' detailing the dates and amounts. I can upload that if you are interested in seeing this (no printer, would use camera again). In anger on my behalf he wrote out a letter for me to write and send to them but I'm not sure if to or not. Thanks again for your help. It is appreciated. BM.
  9. Hi Brig As I'm not up on this, what do you mean in that something is not right in that the debt was not traded until 2011? With thanks. BM.
  10. I am currently living on welfare, am in the receipt of Employment and Support Allowance and am in the Suppport Group. I do not have physical disabilities but mental health problems, which I have had since I was a child with additional as an adult. Amongst them I have A.D.D., O.C.D., depression, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Rape Trauma Syndrome, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (which has led me to have chronic shyness), and too many more to list, each one affecting the other. I feel at times they are all holding hands with each other. I don't go out - I'm a recluse/hermit/hikikomori, and feel much safer in doors. I go out because I have too (to see a therapist and do food shopping), and once my food shopping has been purchased I don't go out for another two weeks. Being and 'living' like this isn't fun, and it isn't how I envisaged my 'life' to be, and yes, it despresses me, which is where the therapist comes in. Early days on that though. If I could be the opposite of how I am at the click of fingers I would love it. I think about what I was like before I was raped - happy, likeable, friendly, outgoing. Now I'm sad, unlikeable, hostile, and a recluse. Not my idea of a fun life that's for sure. This was just written as a 'heads up' to someone who is on the ESA Support Group system. Just to let people know what it is like living with a non physical disability and mental health problems.
  11. Hi DX After checking sent letters I had to admit that when I wrote to NW I sent them a copy of the payments received by me to Freddies as proof that I had been paying and to enquire as to why those payments were not being deducted/shown on the NW statements from June 2010 to October 2011. Up to June 2010 the outstanding account was £1622.42, and then from the above two dates I paid £20 per month until I stopped payments in October 2011. I take it that was bad move on my part? How would AG use that against me? I am not happy that the payments made are not showing on the statements because it obviously looks as though NW are not being paid but someone else is, and they want me to continue paying the debt off to line their pocket and not NW's. The letter from AG doesn't sit right in my gut (sorry for the language), and something smells a little off to me. They (AG) are trained to write such letters in the hope of stirring payments, but this kind of thing doesn't work or wash with me and I have a tendency to keep pushing and pushing. My nature I guess, and I admit that it might not always be a good thing to do. But one thing I don't do, and like doing, is rolling over on my back and having my balls played with as opposed to having my tummy tickled. Again - I apologise for the language and I don't mean to offend anyone. Apologies if I have. Have I shot myself in a foot or both feet here? They suggested external debt companies, and took a look at STEPCHANGE, who coincidently my next door neighbour is dealing with at the moment. I just looked out of curiosity because it isn't a path I like the idea of walking on. Thanks again. BM.
  12. Hi Brig My memory has been jolted in regards to this form. The credit card was offered to me at the time of my opening a NW bank account, and because they had my details on file - name, address, &c., he said he would fill those in afterwards. At the time I did ask what CPP and PPI were and he explained them to me. I did think at the time they would be ideal for me because hey, who knows what is going to happen in the future, so I said 'Yes' to those. But I signed the form before all details were added, so I signed a blank form. Stupid me I admit, but he was in the 'know' so stupidly I trusted him. I've learnt my lesson there that's for sure. Makes me wonder how many other people he 'duped' into this also. I hope that helps. With thanks. BM
  13. Hi Brig I thought that too, have to be honest. Took them 5 months to get it though (I asked for it in June). However, after seeing this form for the second time, I remember I signed it before all other details were added, such as no to credit protection and all that. Would that matter? BM
  14. Hi Brig Yes I did sign it but that isn't my handwriting for the date. BM
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