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  1. You have to be caught on the act of course to be prosecuted but you certainly dont need to be cautioned or issued a PFN to be prosecuted. The caution just acts as security so you cant say you didnt say that etc
  2. Then i guess on this occasion you have nothing to worry about!! One bit of advice, the ticket by the sounds of it had been used before, these tickets are intended for ONE use only, using an undated ticket is in fact rendering that ticket used and useless. If you are stopped again and are found to be using a ticket used before and they can check quite easily for exact date and time to within 4 minutes then you are liable for prosecution. I personally dislike them this very reason.
  3. When you say valid was the box filled in? Sounds to me like the gate had detected that the ticket had been used before. An error code appears on the gate pod to inform gateline staff or rpi the problem with the ticket. These carnet tickets cause nothing but trouble and can be exploited easily.
  4. So if i ignore it will it have any further implications in the future regarding my permit to park there?
  5. I moved in to a new flat on the 16/10/12 which has underground parking for residents with permits that are issued by the buildings manager but supplied by PPS, when i signed my rental agreement and handed my permit i was told that i was to park in the yellow bays as my flat is operated by yellow key fobs anyway to my surprise on the Wednesday morning i come down to find a PCN for £100 for un-authorised parking. I spoke with the buildings manager who has informed me i am to park in the blue bays, now my questions are, am i best trying to appeal based on the fact that it was my first time and miss informed or pay up? i find it odd that even though i have a permit to park in the building they have still issued a ticket. any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Indeed the posts are correct, the discount only applies to the ticket if the holder can present a valid railcard, the railcard cannot be transfered either. The ticket will have to be excessed up to the full fare required.
  7. I think as has already been pointed out that the issue of the penalty fare is quicker and cheaper than dragging you to court for the matter, the railway byelaws are a criminal offence and are 'strict liability' which means they dont have to prove anything. Its also worth pointing out that penalty fares are issued to give people an opportunity to appeal the decision if not happy, your appeal was not up-held which is entirely correct in this circumstance, my advice is to put this down to experience and move on.
  8. You would have signed to accept that what he had written was a true account of the questioning and your answers, you should have also been given the opportunity to add any further information to the inspector, as has been pointed out this is the evidence they will use in court to prosecute. I also note that a few others and myself have asked where you started your journey, can you confirm where your origin station was as this may help clear things up a little bit more.
  9. Does not matter if there was as this applies to the start of the journey, if for instance there was no method of purchasing a ticket at origin station then the op should have sought to buy a ticket at earliest opportunity, im not familiar with northern areas so not sure on tvms etc. We also do not know stations that op is refering to so is hard to give definitive answers, but i would imagine the more serious case of RRA sec 5.3a would apply if caught outside the station without a ticket.
  10. He would have more than likely admitted liability under caution, unfortunately like stigy has pointed out he was stopped AFTER the last point of buying a ticket would have been possible, also depends on other station facilities such as tvm, the op is best to wait for their response in first instance.
  11. your uploads are too small, unable to read.
  12. Will be interesting to see what swt say in their intial letter, there is always the chance that it could have been a tip off etc from a fellow traveller or any info gathered but we will see.
  13. Not entirely correct here and leads to confusion for the op and future readers.
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