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  1. Somebody from Vodafone called me. He said that he will get in contact with quality assurance again to look into it, as it is still incorrect. He asked that I sent a e-mail of what my credit report with Vodafone currently looks likes. When I send the e-mail to the e-mail address he gave me I get a failure notice? Informed him that I am using this forum he said he would be in contact with Lee when Lee see this.
  2. Yeah, When I send the e-mail to vodafone (usng the link) I should receive a ref no. via e-mail as confirmation that the e-mail has been sent???? Is that correct? Sorry to be a pain Fran
  3. A little update. Still no confirmation e-mail from Vodafone, I have now sent two e-mails? I also checked my credit report as Vodafone said it had been corrected. So the default has been lifted and it does state its settled. But the arranged payment dates are incorrect?? Does anybody know, when I check my credit report, does it effect my credit score? Thank you x Fran
  4. OOOOPPPPS jut read back what I have wrote a few mistakes sorry! Thank you very much e-mail sent I will post the code as soon as I receive the e-mail. Thanks again Fran
  5. I had a contract with Vodafone back in 2009, I did missed two payments mid 2009 and therefore I was dealing with this with Vodafone. I had made payments to Vodafone as requested. My phone was cut off when I was told it would not be and I was continually told different things but different members of the customer support team. I HAD made payments to Vodafone as asked, and then a letter from the debut collectors arrived?????? I called Vodafone and they told me it had already been passed over and they could do nothing about it. Even though I had made payments when we had arranged. Therefore I should never of been passed to the debut collectors. The debut collectors told me to speak to Vodafone and Vodafone told me to speak to they debut collectors, they made attempt to help me with the error they had made. In the end after causing much stress I paid the full amount owed to the debut collectors to be done with the situation and stress. I since then have been refused credit by other network providers, banks and even unable to open a bank account. I recently applied for a loan with whom I bank with and was refused to loan. They provided me with some companies they used to check my credit and advised I get a statuary credit report. On dong so I see a default against me from Communications Supplier from Vodafone Ltd Gemini(i), unsettled. This incorrect information has been sat against my name for 3 years. I am disgusted. I contact Vodafone straight away (17.09.2011 a friday at 14:00) I speak with a lady who on that phone conversation confirms that I owe Vodafone no money!! She informs me that the people who deal with this are not available and she will contact them herself and they will contact me on Monday (10.09.2011). I am informed that this will be corrected and back dated. I hear nothing!!!! I am unable to contact Vodafone as I went into hospital for surgery on the 21.09.2011. As soon as I feel better I contact Vodafone (26.09.201115:00) I am told there was a problem contacting the people that needed to be contacted??? why was I not informed of this??? She sends the e-mails whilst I am on the phone to her and tells me that she will personally contact me as soon as she hears back from the I WILL NOT HAVE TO CONTACT VODAFONE AGAIN!!! I was informed this could take up to 14 days for it to be investigated (why was I previously told it would be sorted straight away?) So today (07.10.2011 16:22) I decided to call vodafone just to check the situation as on Monday it will have been 14 days. I get through to someone and have to re explained the situation (after waiting over 10minutes as usual) she put be on hold to look at my notes. After quite a wait she informs me that a e-mail has been sent by her colleague. I had already informed her of this and again said I waited to know what stage of the process we were currently at? I was put on hold again when she returns she tells me that there is a e-mail stating it has been sorted that it has been back dated and states that it is settled, im advised to wait 24 hours before checking my credit report (24hours from when??? I dont know when the e-mail was received). I then ask her why I was not contacted as soon as this was sorted, as PROMISED (26.09.11)?? She told me Quality assurance could not make out going phone calls??? I told her again that I had been expecting a phone call from her colleague that sent the e-mail? She told me on-one would contact me???? I now ask what Vodafones formal complaints procedure is? She told me they dont have one????? I informed her that it is a legal fact that Vodafone must have a complaints procedure??? I was told a manager would contact me within 24hours. I receive a call this evening from a manager, she asks how she can help. I ask her how to make a formal complaint and what is Vodafones complaints procedure? She informs me they dont have one?????!!!!! At this point she has raised her voice to me! she informs me She can deal with a complaint over the phone, I explain I want to do it in writing for legal reasos. She tell me to go to the website and send a email. she has still not informed me of the complains procedure, none of the staff seem to know what this is????? I seriously and disgusted that I have always been told conflicting information. Firstly I should never of had a default against my name!!! Just late payments and secondly why is it still sat against my name 3years later? I am also concerned that other people this has happened to it seems to of taken months to get this sorted and many pailed attempts??? Please please help Many Thanks Frances
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