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  1. Thank you. Your information is helpful and I will contact towergate. I will am also following up the data issue and have had to pay £10 for the privillege of finding out what information they hold on me and when they received it. I will let you know the outcomes X
  2. Hi thanks for this Insurance companies are only regulated "at the point of sale" by the FSA. So in a nutshell they regulate if you have been mis-sold. They cannot regulate the contents of a policy. The FOS do not regulate they just make sure that financial services follow the rules (not sure which ones) The only two regluatory bodies are the FSA and the Office of fair trading OFT.
  3. No ... I was not "in policy" ...... it had lapsed... it was not a rejected claim......... I was not insured by anyone thus being the point
  4. A moral duty? Since when did insurance companies have morals? They are bound by their own companies code of practice which if they are a member of the British association of insurers will have an industry code of practice too. Does the insurer have the same moral duty to pay out uninsured or insured? The posts move.... they can keep info on you if you were not insured at the time of an incident and use it should you require insurance yet they wont pay a claim. It seems as if they want the best of all worlds. I am unsure how this prevents fraud? All it seems to do it put premiums
  5. Thanks.. I did watch it but its slightly different... as I was not insured I have contacted the the FSA and they say " they only regulate the sales and advise point of insurance and not the commercial content of each company! Which allows them to make it all up. I have also contacted the ICO (data control commision) about the CUE company who hold this info on people... and they say they can hold data for as long as necessary??? how long is a piece of string?? but it has to be accurate and the insurer has to let you know what they intend to use the information they get from you i
  6. I had been insured for contents and buildings for 15 years with no claims... things happen but you never bother as you end u paying more you save it for the "big things". I had a "big thing" the floor of my kitchen was sinking. The insurance company did not cover it as it was concrete and showed no signs of damage to the outside walls. I was gutted, being a single parent and a childminder this was a worry. I managed by begging and borrowing to get it fixed. I then decided to get a new insurer but whilst the building was going on the old policy was cancelled. I forgot to get a new
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