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  1. There was no divorce settlement as within a month of the divorce (2007) she was bankrupt and she hadn't been living in the property for over 6 months. Our mortgage provider and the land registry have both stated that she has no legal rights to the house as I bought the estate from the bankruptcy early 2008 and is name only on the mortgage. I am obviously concerned as she has said she is seeking her name on the deeds however I have received no such paperwork as of yet and don't want the lose the money myself and my parents paid to buy her share as it is now my family home with my new partner and our children. I am considering ringing her trustee but I am under the assumption that her bankruptcy is now ended.
  2. Hi, don't know if anyone can help me but here we go. My ex wife went bankrupt in 2007, I bought her share of the house and the land registry was transferred solely into my name after it was finalized. Unfortunately after the financial mess she left me in I have had mortgage arrears which I am still paying and therefore couldn't take her name off the mortgage but I was informed by her trustee that it was on paper only and she had no financial claim on the property at all. My ex wife informed me that she is applying for her name to be put back on the deeds and the land registry so she can sell the property from under me, can she do this?? I have all the paperwork from her trustee and she hasn't paid a penny towards the house since 2007, also the house is in negative equity. Would be grateful of any sort of help before I see a solicitor. I was under the assumption that the land registry would have to write for my consent. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I have been on the phone to Natwest for at least an hour arguing as they have said that I cannot have a chargeback because I owe the money??? Please help as no-one at Natwest is listening to me and are making me feel like a fool and that I should just give up? I did not authorise the payment of £122.23 and I have had absolutely nothing in writing to say that they were going to take the money surely that is illegal. Please Please Please help xx
  4. Please don't feel bad I know they didn't know that what monies where being paid into my account just that there was money in it. I will be ringing Natwest today and will not be taking no for an answer and I hope I get somewhere and will let you all know what happens. Thanks xx
  5. Hi Kitten1, yes the money they took was my child benefit and child tax credits and they took every penny, so legally can Wonga do that? I have emailed them since and told them I want to pay it but need a payment plan am still waiting for them to get back to me. I will ring Natwest again Monday and demand a chargeback and I hope I will be able to get the money back although I am not completely sure what to say as I have told them exactly what has happened several times and have had no joy. Who can I call about them taking my children's money if I get no joy with Natwest??
  6. Thank you I wasn't sure where to post this thread xx
  7. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with my current situation. I took out a loan with Wonga in March this year and everything was fine until my partner got laid off. I contacted wonga and told them I wouldn't be able to repay in full and that I wanted to set up a payment plan of £50 per month til the balance was cleared (I do and have always wanted to repay this debt but I have 3 young children and had to concentrate on paying my mortgage, council tax and food until my partner found a new job, which he has now), Wonga agreed to this but never sent any further correspondence to me and never took any money or sent me any details to pay (I know I should have chased this up and paid something). Out of the blue Wonga took £122.23 out of my bank account without my knowledge and left me £30 to feed my kids, buy nappies and pay gas and electric (I am on meters). I have spoke to my bank as it was a visa debit transaction and they are saying there is nothing they can do as I owe the money (I have never disputed this) but surely they can not just take the money I get to raise my children and go into my bank and just take what they feel like??? I thought (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that if the loan is over 6 months old they have to write to me and tell me when and what they are taking??? Please if anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received, I know I should have never had a payday loan and I should have pursued the matter but now I am desperate and would like to know what my legal rights are, if I have any???? I have cancelled my debit card and switched my child benefit to go into my fiance's bank account. Thank you in advance
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