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  1. I am not sure what you mean by a SAR - I had tried unsuccessfully to claim missold PPI in June 2015 - which they rejected as they advised that I had entered into a non advised sale and had selected the box for PPI - they produced a photocopy of the form to support this, this tick was manually added in a printed box however I have no recollection of selecting this box as I had previously not requested or needed PPI. I took my complaint to the FOS who in sep 2016 upheld in favour of Capital One. They did however advise in a letter dated April 2017 that there may be a
  2. It was a 'Short Application Form' and the tickbox was filled in by hand
  3. I had a capital one Platinum card on which i paid PPI - i used the templates from the Martin Lewis pages to complain was rejected on the grounds that when I transferred a balance to this card in march 2000 i ticked a box to request PPI. They attached a photocopy of the said form showing this box 'ticked' - however I had had the card for a couple of years before transferring this balance and had not had PPI (as far as I am aware but I don't have records going back to those dates) and would not therefore have specifically requested this on a balance transfer. Their
  4. Hi Slick Well the Prelim letter resulted in a big fat zero so the LBA (letter before Action) was posted by recorded delivery on 20th March and to date the zero is even fatter - they have until 3rd April to respond then it's off to court we go!!! I also took your advice and complained to the OFT about the threatening and intimidating letters I am continually receiving from their debt recovery arm (which is a trading name for Harlands) who have chosen to ignore my communications requesting that they desist in sending these letters while the issue with Harlands is in dispute. (surprise
  5. Hi Slickyes that sounds about right but to be honest I would be happy just to get them to dismiss this ridiculous demand for unpaid fees and charges!!So what is the next step?cheersP
  6. Hi Slick the DD was for £12 mthly (it was on a special introductory offer) so It would be half that cheers P
  7. Hi SlickMy DD's were scheduled for 8th of every month at £12 with the last one leaving my account on 9.5.11 after which I cancelled (having been told my membership expired in June. I have since located the Harlands agreement which advised that the last payment would be due on 8/7/2011.However I also located the flyer which prompted me to join this particular Gym. This had a few 'Introductory' offers - one of which was 12 month Direct Debit Membership. I can try to scan and mail these to you if these will help.regardsP
  8. HiSlick I did reply but I can't see the response in the thread-please see details below -my details in red against the questions in your post Hi Slick Thanks for your response and my apologies for the delay in responding - I was doing a bit of digging and checking for any supporting documentation. The date for contacting Harlands was based on an entry in my journal dated 26th april to remind me to contact them to cancel - so the call would almost certainly have been within a day or so of this. The other dates are fairly accurate the joining date is from their docume
  9. Hi Slick thanks for this. My membership was for a Gym called Isobodies in Alvethorpe nr Wakefield. but payments were administered by Harlands. I phoned their enquiries line in March 2009 to cancel my membership but unfortunately I no longer have a record of the date/time I must have misplaced this during my most recent move although I have found my confirmation agreement from Harlands. Their agent advised me that although I had moved it was deemed to be within an acceptable travelling distance and therefore would not be allowed to cancel until the contract was completed. I did tr
  10. Thanks for this I will look into whether this ruling can be applied to my circumstances
  11. I am not with Ashbourne but find myself in a very similar situation. I took out a Gym membership with Harlands in Jul2008 which I later found committed me to a 3yr direct debit agreement. Some months laterdue to a change in my personal circumstances I moved to an area where it was not convenient to me to get to the Gym so I called to cancel my membership but discovered that this would not be allowed so I asked when this would expire and was told June 2011. I have since moved again but continued to pay my membership every month until may 2011 when I cancelled the DD. Last week I got
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