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  1. Card is 16 months old but it's under a 24 month manufacturers warranty. This is what caused the argument, as they tried to claim that outside of 12 months it was the manufacturers problem regardless of any warranty, and then tried to state I had to provide an engineers report confirming it was a manufacturing defect as though it was a post-warranty sales of goods act claim. When I told them that's only neccessary for something out of warranty they finally dropped it and agreed to accept the return.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if someone could clear something up for me. I have managed after much arguing to get an online retailer to agree to RMA a faulty graphics card for me. The card is no longer available, and will either have to be repaired, replaced, or refunded. I've had a look around their site on the (pretty good) chance it wont be repairable and have found there isn't anything close to the same value I paid for the card (~£500) but there are plenty around the £300 mark that would do the job. If I exchange the card for one of these items, would I also be entitled to a refund
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