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  1. I have just called o2 and there answer is they announced the increase when RPI was at 3.2%, therefore they say there in the clear
  2. Im a plasterer currently working for a agency and they have told me that I have to be paid by there umbrella company, at a rate of £20 a week, I told them I have my own public liability insurance etc so dont need to pay this much, is there a way round this without going ltd etc any help would be great
  3. Hi got pulled randomly this morning, had my daughter in the back of my van no seat etc, asked to produce licence, trouble is half hour before I just sent it off for new photo etc, the plod said he would grant me more time but when I rang plod hq they said strickly 7 days. Any help would be usefull.cheers
  4. Thanks have added attachments as pdf, not very good with computers but hay gota start sometime
  5. Hi all, Im after a bit of advise, sent my 1st letter of to these clowns asking for the usual eg contract etc, This is the response I got, what should I do next thanks in advance fred1.pdf [ATTACH=CONFIG]37240[/ATTACH]
  6. They called my landlord after i asked them only to deal with me in writing, I have since called them only to be fobbed off, what action should I take now thanks
  7. I had a letter last month from fredrickson so I called them and told them i will only deal with them through letters only. I live above a small post office so my post is collected from the shop, when i went to collect it this morning my landlord said he had taken a call from fredrickson they asked him to tell me to contact them. I have since called them to complain, as its caused a bit of hassle for me, Is there away of taken this complaint to a higher level, as i think they have broken some kind of law here, im a right and what should I do now thanks Louth
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