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  1. [ATTACH]39528[/ATTACH] morning All, I have recieved the attached response from link, should i push the refund issue or is it not worth it. many thanks
  2. thanks all, Letter sent. I have no doubt they will send another letter saying that they refute the account is statute barred
  3. [ATTACH]39070[/ATTACH] this is the letter i plan to send to link any advice on wording much appreciated
  4. It was statue barred prior to this, according to Link the account was dafaulted on 27/11/2004. My first payment to them was on 19/10/2010 when they threatened to wreck my credit file so in panick I paid. then found this forum and it was noted the account was SB and I should stop paying.
  5. No i did make the payments so the statement is correct.
  6. [ATTACH]39063[/ATTACH] Morning All, please see attacehd letter from link, they enclosed the same statement of accaount as previously posted. Any ideas most welcome
  7. Thanks for your assistance I will keep you informed. i dont think I will get the money back but who knows.
  8. I would be obliged if you would review the letter i propose to send to Link any reccomendations welcome. Link Financial outsourcing PO Box 30095 London, SE1 7WU Date17/10/12 DearSir/Madam Acc/RefNo Youhave contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, whichyou claim is owed by myself. Iwould point out that under The Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973Part 1 Section 6 "If, after the appropriate date, an obligation to whichthis section applies has subsisted for a continuous
  9. many thanks for the support, only the first morning of what will be a long battle i feel. Feeling a little light headed already might be the patches.
  10. Morning All, after 20+ years my quit day has finally come around. I am using a combination of patches and inhalers as recommended by the chemist. and i have an ecig if it all goes "pear shaped"
  11. Is there any template letters which specifically refer to the 5 year statute in Scotland? Many thanks
  12. [ATTACH]38803[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38802[/ATTACH] I think i have done this correctly. If so it shows the letter and a transaction summary. I checked on noddle this morning and there is no reference to this on my credit file. Thanks again
  13. hello all, Just when i started to think that this had all gone away, i recieved a few phone calls again. I advised link that i would only deal with them by letter and duly recieved the letter below. I do think this going beyond ridiculous, my original letter was sent ot Link by recorded delivery on the 15/10/2011. this reply dated 25/09/2012. We write to you further in relation to your Abbey national plc (Santander) account. We refute that the account is statute barred. Whilst we accept that under section 5 of the limitation act 1980 an action cannot be brought
  14. Hi All do you have any experience of the above? i took out a halifax 3 year fixed rate which should have expired end November. I have been advised I will stay on this fixed rate till the end of january!!! Fixed rate of 6.89% against svr of 3.5% about £400 per month of a difference
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