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  1. hope i have put this in the right place...charging orders are very frightening to many people this could be the start of some important changes.... : OFT imposes requirements on RBS/NatWest over charging Orders OFT imposes requirements on RBS and NatWest about use of charging orders 03/13 11 January 2013 The OFT has imposed requirements on Royal Bank of Scotland plc (RBS) and National Westminster Bank plc (NatWest), both members of the RBS Group, to address concerns about the way some customer debts are enforced via charging orders. A charging order is a court order that
  2. The CSA have awarded 1st Credit with the Collector accreditation initiative,which i guess they believe entitles them to change their name to CAI Finance and keep the same company no 7212016 OFT report methinks.....
  3. well i never...all the usual faces...what ever next...?
  4. got letter yesterday with 1st credit heading at top then 'COMPANY NAME CHANGE' "]'we write to inform you that 1st credit(finance)5 Ltd Co number 7212016 has changed the name to CAI Finance Ltd it retained the same company no 7212016. This will not have any impact on your debt which is still being serviced by 1st Credit. yours sincerely Gavin Flynn head of collections' No sign of Cai with DBSG or CSA company check no sign of CAI FINANCE....SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON!
  5. thanks bandit127...moving on as you say..done the dispute letter and told them to send it back to lloyds..thanks guys for all your advice will keep you posted...
  6. thanks unclebulgaria...will do....
  7. thanks citizenB will do thanks for very prompt reply
  8. got a letter today from Lloyds TSB plc Credit operations PO BOX 66 Rosyth KY11 2WG funny thing the heading shows a faint Lloyds TSB logo top LHC the letter pretends to be from Lloyds bank and states.written in.same format that Wescots use) 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transferrd your Lloyds TSB bank to a debt collection agency Wescot Credit services Ltd'...an even fainter logo bottom RHC and above the logo is Wescots printer code. This letter is pretending that wescots are Lloyds bank. The account is disputed and is with the FOS awaiting decision.
  9. thanks Galactica for information I will see how i go on your advice and keep you posted.
  10. this is odd S de Tute a solicitor....not acceptable to put name and solicitor under as in your letter... check law society... .no sign...report to law society... which firm does she work for?. de tute...also president of the CSA... company records check at wescot director/sec=S de tute ...very odd...
  11. Hi Dennis in debt here just thought i'd jot down my experience with the fos and lloyds..and the circus (DCA'S).. have a case with the fos since last december against lloyds treating me unfairly over a £1k o/d that i was paying back at £1pr month they passed to dca i stopped paying i got my final response letter last nov and all papers sent to fos...accepted ref given ...jan 2012 moorcroft writing telling me i must pay them i email back saying the case is with fos even quote fos ref..email fos they state that banks are allowed to carry on debt activity even though there is a case with themselve
  12. Dennis 69 in debt here... just thought i'd bring you upto date. ..since the phones gone its been peaceful no more calls from india at 10pm at night. I now use only payasyougo. I am handling all the letter writing for marigold and wetclths robinson way have backed off already on 2 debts but the same 2 debts have resurfaced with moorcroft all claiming to be agents for the bank. .so i use email only now i find out who runs the show from the DBSG and CSA sites and (email the managing director ) i inform them that i will only deal with their agent, the bank and quote the
  13. thanks dx and seanamarts feel better already now the phones gone its the daily letters but i'm gonna get there i am not taking it from these 3rd party collectors sending letters to all of them this is a great site and marigold is feeling much better about it already...thanks guys....
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