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  1. Our UK registered Mitsubishi Shogun broke down, in France mid November 2013. Problem was a failed fuel pump, without which the vehicle was immobile . Quoted 6 weeks delivery for a new part and a charge of 5500.00 euros to supply and fit. We waited 6 weeks and then some more. My partner relies upon the vehicle as she lives in rural France and the nearest shops are more than 4 Km away. We have always had the Mitsubishi serviced by a Mitsubishi dealer in line with the service schedule. The Mitsubishi Shogun we own is our 4th Shogun in the past 10 years. Regular attempts to contact deale
  2. Thanks for the more detailed spreadsheet and advice, I will compile the info and let you know what the spreadsheet suggests as a figure.
  3. I think I used the simple Spreadsheet as it does not require prevailing interest rate to be entered against each date entry: The info starting in cell A1 is as follows: DESCRPTION OF CLAIM HERE e.g Credit Card Charges COMPOUND INTEREST CALCULATION SCHEDULE OF CLAIM BANK/LENDER BANK NAME GOES HERE (D5) CUSTOMER NAME YOUR NAME GOES HERE (D6) ACCOUNT NUMBER ACCOUNT NUMBER HRE (D7) START DATE OF CLAIM 10/07/1995 END DATE OF CLAIM 11/07/2006 ANNUAL INTEREST RATE (APR) 18.00% DAILY INTEREST RATE 0.04536% I hope this helps.
  4. I have had an offer to settle 2 PPI claims from BOS - in true Banking style they have made a bit of a mess of things sending me two letters referring to the 2 PPI claims but merging the information in one letter and excluding half the information in the other. They have offered a final response settlement but I cannot figure out how they have arrived at any of their figures. The PPI was applied on a monthly basis to the two credit cards I had with BOS. The cards were taken over by MBNA in 2006 who settled my claims on both cards swiftly last year and with figures that equated to what
  5. I have followed the advice provided on CAG and found it really useful. I contacted First Direct about mis-selling of PPI and got a very detailed reply from them rejecting my claim which included a transcript of the phone conversation I had when arranging the loan on which PPI was levied. Having read the CAG advice on PPI it clearly states that PPI is mis-sold if sold to someone who is self-employed. I was self employed when I took out the loan, does this "trump" First Directs assertion that I was provided with all the information required at the time that I took out the loan?
  6. Brigadier, thanks for your continued assistance and words of wisdom, i look forward to any more news
  7. Thanks for your advice - checking my records the course I booked would have been held 6 years ago this month. I have also found a letter I sent to the credit card company. I was looking to claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as the contract was induced by misrepresentation. I note your advice about the passing of time, is there a limitation on the time that a claim can be initiated, the credit card company is still in existence although the trader has undergone several incarnations in the intervening years.
  8. OK, a bit more detail. The company/individual in question have traded under various guises. They offer investment training and I attended one of their courses, on reflection the main purpose of which was to entice participants into buying more from the provider. They are quite canny and manage to engineer an environment in which people are highly suggestible. I trusted the claims made by the principal and was persuaded to sign up for a further intensive course. I paid up front and the booking form included cancellation terms which I interpreted as being "n" days before the event rather than "n
  9. I am seeking some advice on a claim to recover monies paid by credit card to a fraudulent trader. I tried to reclaim monies paid from the trader directly but was fobbed off. My claims were for their use of unfair terms of trade and fraudulent misrepresentation. My own research indicated that they had been the subject of innumerable court actions from similarly dis-satisfied customers, perversely as a member of the general public I was told by my local court that the results of these actions were confidential. The company in question has had a chequered history of failure and resurrection.
  10. I have taken the advice offered on the CAG and had success with Santander and MBNA in reclaiming mis-sold PPI. I employed the same approach with Barclaycard and got no response whatsoever. My first letter and subsequent letter were sent recorded delivery and I have signed proof of delivery for both letters. I have had no response whatsoever from Barclaycard, is this a standard tactic on their part? What should my next step be in such circumstances?
  11. Update, we finally agreed on £150.00 compensation and covering full costs incurred. Thanks to all CAGers who contributed their experience and wisdom to this thread
  12. Santander settled and I accepted their offer - they responded swiftly to my approach and all told I am happy with the offer they made. I also fired off PPI mis-selling claims to MBNA, First Direct, Honda Finance and Barclaycard - all have responded apart from Barclaycard, is that standard? I have receipts for postage and also signature for accepting delivery @ Barclaycard Leicester. MBNA responded swiftly and settled, offer made was acceptable. Honda Finance have passed my claim to the dealers and I am waiting to hear. First Direct responded with a long letter explaining that they h
  13. BP's agents have eventually come back with an enhanced offer of £100.00 compensation - I hope to have some legal advice on whether this is acceptable shortly and will update this posting when I have more news.
  14. Latest news, the agents acting on behalf of BP have offered to refund all our costs and have offered £50.00 as compensation. Given the nuisance this incident has caused us and the fact that BP have admitted liability we intend to pursue them for breach of contract under the Sale of Goods Act, for negligence and for breach of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 for supplying a defective product.
  15. Slick, Thanks for the pointers on interest calculations and the spreadsheet, most useful. I used the monthly APR rate provided on my statement, 1.597% per month- my beef is with the fact that I was quoted a figure which was used to calculate the interest and it was a figure higher than the highest balance on my statement over the statement period. I queried the calculation and was given 3 different conflicting figures none of which resulted in the same interest charge figure as I calculated using the monthly APR rate. As I understand it the information provided by the card providers
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