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  1. i am in payday loan hell i can not afford to pay them this month?? what to do??? any advice pllllllease
  2. If you are not in the benefits system, then its does not matter what you spend your money on, they only request 2 months bank statements when u submit a claim, they only want to know monies you get my in the future not in past as when you recieved the funds you were not on HB ben.
  3. Hi guys i am in payday hell next week i have 8 payday loans and they are due next week leaving me with no monies to pay rent or council tax or live i paid all rollover last month and was left with nothing i sold loads of my stuff just to pay my rent i really can not go through this any more i am not sleeping or eating any advice would be helpful dont know where to start from
  4. Ok, if you receive HB already as am thinking you do now? (sorry i should of known this as you were on JSA) HB will not be paid if the capital is over 16000 if you spend your capital on i.e holidays, car, eletrical goods ie new tv washer etc then you do keep your reciepts HB will want to see bankstatements in any case so pay for stuff on your debit card ( you can not get in trouble for spending your own monies) if you transfer they money into another bank account that is different! My advice to you is if you get you capital under 10,000 Fill in a new housing benefit form and put your only i
  5. Hi confusedbunny, Depending on how much capital you have? Will depend whether you qualify for HB? If you have under 6000 and age between 18 and 60 then yes u should qualify, if you have over this amount you can still qualify but has to be under 16000. Hope this helps any more questions just ask
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