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  1. PAYDAYOVERDRAFT IS CORRECT AND LEGITIMATE ON 0208-144-2009 AND BASED OUT OF LONDON ENGLAND. THERE IS A CON BY IMPERSONATORS. BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING:----- WESTERN UNION PAYMENT IN ADVANCE Paydayoverdraft the real one doesn,t do either so be aware. There is a [problem] going on with people pretending to be Paydayoverdraft.com. BE CAREFUL. Paydayoverdraft is the correct trading name of Wage Payments and Payday Loans Ltd regiustered in the UK which is a legitimate company. PLEASE BE AWARE that anyone who asks you for money in advance is a FRAUD and probably based out of Africa. This is why they use Western Unioun as you have to send the money abroad. Don,t be an idiot and send money to anyone. anyone affected must complain to the Police.
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