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  1. Ok I've got a second letter from the DCA, "If you don't pay by xx/12/14 we will pass the file to the creditors solicitor who will commence court action against you. You will be charged solicitors fees and court fees, £75 on top of the parking charge" (which is 120 right now) Can anyone help me please, I cannot afford to pay these bastards 120 quid just for parking in a car park. I was waiting for the "final notice" but these guys went straight to the debt collectors, what can I do, ask for the popla code? or is that too late, how do I get them off my back?
  2. So is it too late to get the popla code once they've got these debt collectors after you?
  3. I was also told in post 12 that they have to send a final reminder, which I was never given...
  4. The date of the parking charge notice which I received through the post was the 04/09/14 as I posted in the first post. The alleged contravention occured the preceding wednesday. I was never sent a 'final reminder' It went; Parking charge notice through the post ----> Reminder through the post -----> and now I've had my first letter from a debt recovery company today demanding a ridiculous £120. Is the fact that they haven't sent a final reminder before sending this to the debt recovery guys grounds enough to shut them down? Should I now contact them for a p
  5. Thanks, But as I said, it's been just over 2 weeks since they sent me that notice to keeper, at which point they (presumably) have already passed it on to debt recovery agents. So is it not too late to send them an appeal asking for popla code?
  6. Bit more detail: Dated just over 2 weeks ago; "Dear Mr (my name) The parking charge notice issued and detailed above remains outstanding, Smart Parking LTD have the right to seek payment of the parking charge for unauthorised parking of the vehicle on the land on the relevant date as owner of the land, on the basis of a contractual right to occupy or to have possession of the land, or acting as agent of the landowner. Smart Parking LTD are able to request registered keeper details from the DVLA, under the reasonable criteria of recovery of private parking charges. DVLA have
  7. Had a new letter now, they've raised the charge to £70 and if I don't pay that in 14 days then it gets passed on to a debt recovery agent? Trouble is, it's already been more than 14 days since the date on this letter, must've received it late. To people asking if it was a notice to keeper, the first letter I got was just a "parking charge notice", it had picked up the cars plates The letter that I have now dated just over 2 weeks ago is a "Notice to Owner" What should I do? Is it too late to appeal using that popla thing? And why are the dates important? (I'm just a bit
  8. Received a parking charge notice through the post on 04/09/14 from 'smart parking' For parking in an Asda car park overnight. (slept in car) The charge was £40 within 14 days, or £70. If not settled within 28 days, an admin charge of £10 will be applied (so it says) "failure to respond to this notice may lead to civil legal action being taken to recover the parking charge notice charge (sic) together with any judicial expenses that may be incurred" It's been more than 28 days, and I've done nothing. I haven't received any more correspondence from them either. What wo
  9. It's ridiculous that we have to play their little games though, in order to NOT have to pay money over to some greedy corporations, for no reason at all. For example, I've been on here researching this for a good few hours now, a few hours that I could have spent doing much more productive things; all because of some mandatory bs way of capitalising on motorists. At least the *ignore* way wasn't at all time consuming. :/
  10. Is there anyone who has *actually* been taken to court and had to pay the actual amount demanded however? As far as I was aware in the past, if it was ever taken to court, they would only be able to claim for loss (the price of parking, which in this case there was none, and it was overnight) So if I were to ignore, what would happen? It certainly seems like a much easier option.
  11. I have googled/read threads on the subject, and all I have been able to find out is that "ignoring is no longer the best option" Without any explanation as to why this will no longer work, or what specific changes in the law have happened, or more importantly, what WILL happen if the ignore option is taken.
  12. After receiving Parking "fines" from private parking companies in the past (2011) I had frequently visited this site among others, where the advice was a resounding "IGNORE" I took said advice, and after around 5 letters from each, I heard nothing more from these PPCs, the "IGNORE" option certainly worked. Since then I'd been much more careful about parking, and as such haven't received any 'fines', Until now. I have just received a letter through the post from a company called smart parking demanding £40 for parking overnight (clearly not causing any loss to the company) in a
  13. Is that all or does it need to be re-insured or MOT'd again? And will this affect my insurance cost?
  14. A while back I was involved in a small collision, the other driver was at fault, so I dealt with their insurance company. The damage was very small, front wing/bumper damage, but because the car is fairly old they refused to pay for repairs, it was written off and instead sent me a check for the value of the car minus scrap value, and I got the car back and repaired it myself with the money. Only recently, after using mytextcheck on my own number plate, I have discovered it was written off as a "CAT C" and apparently needs a VIC. These are details that the other parties insurance comp
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