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  1. Hi all, well just wanted to bring you up to speed on how things are going..... I filed my defence, they responded as per above, although a couple of their responses are deliberate lies, which I shall point out to the DJ. I have been dealing with their Mr Croll, who doesn't bother to return calls whe he says he will. Link tells me that Mr Croll "is without direction" which I guess means he cannot make decisions. I made an initial offer of 10% of the debt, which they rejected and said they would accept £7129, I argued the point that they would of not paid the full value of the debt from MBNA and that they were being greedy. They said the judge would automatically grant them the additional £2500 interest hence the figure they came up with. I made a further offer of £4500, again Mr Croll never bothered to phone back as he had agreed, and eventually I phoned them to find out it had been rejected and that they were sticking to their guns on £7129. They are also pushing for me to accept their direction for trial, which at the moment I have not responded to. I get the feeling they don't want the 30min session with the DJ. They are pretty miffed at the moment as the session with the DJ was set for 24th Sept, I asked Link to agree to a change of date as I would be out of the country, they totally refused, so I wrote a letter of explanation to the Court and DJ......end result is that the date has been changed, much to the annoyance of Link. So at the moment it's a stalemate position on the settlement. Any advice, comments or recommendations would be most welcome. HTH
  2. Thanks Andy and Mike,I will make 10% my starting point and see where we get with that. Will keep the thread updated as I go along.ThanksHTH
  3. Thanks guys for the info, I fully agree with you when you say they are against the poor and those without the large sums to fight these cases. I am willing to discuss settlement with them, but what figure to start with, thats the problem. I have no doubt that they will only have paid a percentage for the MBNA debt, and of course they are going to push and push for the max they can. With these things, is there no sort of "middle man" who can help come to a reasonable settlement ? If I am talking settlement with them, what advice would you offer ?? I was thinking that whatever the sum agreed was, they would also have to agree to: Withdraw any further action Withdraw any records with the likes of Experian Agree that this was full and final settlement against the debt Any other advice ? Thanks
  4. Hi Andy, As you may have already seen, Link have responded to my Defence.....Below in the post to Pru. Thanks HTH
  5. Hi Pru, Sorry for not responding but have been working away and we did'nt have 3G to connect to....felt lost without my Comms Kit. Anyway, yesterday I received the below pack of documents from Link. I'll let you and Andy form your own opinions before I jump in.......Interestingly, in Para 14 of their reply, they say the agreement was incepted by post with no pressure. In actual fact I was badgered into it by two young girls at a Service Station who were pushing these credit cards. Anyway, doc attached and will await feedback on where I should go and what should I do next. I did ask Link to agree an adjournment as I am out of the country until after the 25th of the month, and there is a hearing booked for the 20th. They refused point blank, so I am just waiting for the court manager to come back to me. HTH Link Latest Sep 12.pdf
  6. Hi Andy, Sorry for the late response, been on the road since 5am and just booked into the hotel, did see the notification come in on my iphone but not a lot I could do driving. I will get this composed into an email and sent off tonight with a read receipt. Hopefully there wont be any problems changing the hearing date, as I will be out of the country on the current date. Really appreciate your help and assistance, which has been outstanding, despite my panicking The offer I made yesterday only goes a little way, but as I said, if I can help with anything then just ask, if I can do it I will. The other forums have a lot to live up to when compared to "Consumeractiongroup" who ARE the No 1 ;-) Once again many many thanks and will keep everyone posted. HTH
  7. Hi Andy, Sorry for the late response to the above, damm scanner at home went pear shapped so had to wait till I got in the office. Ok the only statement they sent is the credit card statement (attached) no other statement. I have marked what I THINK I can claim back under the PPI thing, although I know its not PPI. So....... In your opinion, how should I proceed with defence. I think the Terms and Conditions are totally a waste of time as you cannot "Easily" read anything, in fact most pages you cannot read at all. Many thanks HTH CCStatemement.pdf
  8. I will have a good read of that. is it acceptable to PM either adnyorch - donkeyB or Pipster....... or are you able to point them in my direction Thanks
  9. Well finally got home late last night and managed to sort out the PDF's to upload. I did'nt realise the copies were as bad as they were, so I will let you form your own opinions. Any advice and guidance "How-to" put together a defence pack and what format I should submit to the court.......would be very much appreciated. HTH Judgement.pdf Agreement with T&C.pdf
  10. Excellent, many thanks for the PDF will have a good read, and as soon as I can upload, I will do so. HTH
  11. It stated that they must provide me with the documentation requested by 4pm 14th July 2012. It then further stated that I have to submit a defence by 4pm 14th August 2012 It has affected it in that I am now way behind on preparing this due to working away (which I explained to the Judge). Had the documents been provided when they should of, then I was working locally and would of had ample time. However, after that date I have spent a great deal of my time on the road and living in hotels, which is much more difficult to prepare anything when you are working day and night. One of the documents I asked for in its orginal format was the "Agreement" including orginal terms and conditions. Which I dont believe they have supplied, but I will upload those later on to get your views. The issue with the docs they have provided is that they are in fact about a 10th generation copy, so its practically impossible to make out the writing. Thier solicitor did produce a document in court that was of a similar standard and the judge more or less refused to entertain it. Once I get to an office where I can scan, I will upload the documents to get advice on. In addition, the statements they have now provided clearly show all the £25 they have charged for late payment, etc. So I need to calculate all that to claim that. There are other charges within that, and again I will upload as I will need advice as to what I can claim back and what I cannot. HTH
  12. Well its been a good few weeks since I had my little win. Had the documents from the Court to state that Link had to provide to me by the 14th July 2012 the various documents I had requested in their orginal format, which included terms and condition. Well the 14th came and went and no docs, although they did turn up around 24th July. Which did'nt help me as I was working away. My part of the court thing was to submit a defence based on the documents provided, by the 14th August. This has not totally screwed my timings up. So the questions are: 1. How do I stand with Link NOT providing the documents within the timescale and date dicated by the judge ? 2. As they were well and truly late in providing the docs, this now affects my preparation of defence, how do I stand regards to this ? can I ask for that time frame to be extended ? Okay the major bit. What is really entailed by "Preparing a defence" ? how far do I go ? and whats the best advice you can offer. Hopefully will get this sorted one way or another this year, as its causing too many sleepless nights Many thanks and look forward to your responses HTH
  13. and hopefully encourage more to venture forward against these people, they pray on people's misfortune and misery, and I do believe with the way things are going, that the "little man" will eventually get there
  14. Yep no more TV now ..... He really was genuine, we had a chat about the Scottish Highlands and some other stuff, very understanding of my plight I am happy to say. But I have to say a massive thanks to yourself and the rest of the forum, if it was'nt for you being there with words of encouragement I would of buckled a long time ago. Thanks H
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