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  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I appreciate it. Thanks also for that link, which looks good. When I emailed Samsung to say I had a problem they also said it was a fire risk. I noticed the problem on the flight out of the UK. Pulling the laptop out of the overhead compartment after take off the bag was really hot. After that I never left the battery plugged in. Cheers LS
  2. Thanks for your reply. The laptop's screen switches itself on if the laptop is turned off. This happens at a random time, but pretty quickly normally (like a few minutes). Only the screen is on, it is bright white. The computer is off - HD powered down, no fan running. I actually did pay for an engineer in Bangladesh to check this out. He said mobo fault. Just a manufacturing problem. Don't think Dixons give a monkeys about his say so.
  3. I bought a Samsung netbook from Dixons in April '09. It was 400 pounds, so not cheap! A few days later I found the laptop had a fault. The laptop's screen turns itself on even when the laptop is off. So you have to take out the battery. Anyway, annoying and spoiled my enjoyment of the product. I informed Dixons about 10 days after purchase about the problem. They told me to take it in, but I live abroad and only get back to the UK once a year. One year and four days after purchase I contacted them again to say I was in the UK and wanted a repair. They told me that I was out of warranty. I pointed out that I'd informed them of this problem within days of purchase. But they fobbed me off. I left the country without having the laptop repaired. Only recently I found out about the UK sale of goods act, which allows me to claim within six years. I also found out about an EU directive 1999/44/EC which gives me a two year guarantee which presumably Dixons should have honoured. Before I drag the laptop back to the UK, can anyone tell me if I have a claim. I'd love to take them to court if I knew I could win. I should add - last year, when Dixons didn't want to repair 1 year and 4 days after purchase, they told me they would not look at the fault unless I paid my own engineer to check the fault and write out a statement that it was a fault of the design/manufacture. I didn't do that because it sounded like it would be expensive. BTW, I just emailed all of this to Dixons, with the old emails showing purchase, when I notified them of the problem etc.
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