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  1. Brilliant - Well as soon as the 40 days are over I will send the letter you suggest ScarletPimpernel many thanks indeed this forum has helped me so much
  2. Yeah I will wait until then and what are the suggestions for after that . . .is there a letter to write saying they have failed to comply do you know??
  3. Well I sent the letter saying about the data protection, they must know me etc together with my postal order and have heard nothing back since.... Not sure what to do whether to wait out the 40 days of the SRA letter and write nothing or to write to them reminding them they have only 40 days from the original letter. I am guessing the response will be they have received nothing from me but I have sent all the letters recorded and have proof of delivery!!! So I am just waiting for the 40 days to end then I guess I will write another letter!!!!
  4. Ok great will send complaint to ICO and the letter to HFO see what happens and again Ill keep you updated!!! Many thanks again everyone for your help
  5. I have just filled out a form to complain to the ICO should I hold back sending it until I send the next letter to HFO?
  6. I have been sending all correspondence I receive and send to the OFT but have heard nothing from them as yet. I will also contact OFT once again about this..
  7. Thank you DonkeyB I will write to them again...
  8. Hi Everyone - so I sent the Subject Access Request with the £10 postal order and have today received a letter back from HFO Services enclosing their own application for "identification purposes". I am very wary indeed in filling out this form which needs my signature and documents such as a driving licence/birth certificate etc. Any help here would be grateful!
  9. I have sent every letter I sent and have received to the OFT for their information. I agree, I will also contact Welcome Finance!!
  10. Yes I will put that in my letter ....many thanks for your help guys so far....I will keep you updated on what happens here!!!
  11. Yeah I will write the sfa letter today and send it immediately - well they are saying the payment was made in 2008.
  12. The first letter sent was a signature only hard to read either Ian Parrest or something similar and underneath that signature is not his printed name but account management and on following letters are printed from Sara Arora and on another letter her name is spelt Saira Arora yet the signature is still Ian Parrest ....it was an unsecured loan...the first letter was "you have already been informed your account has been sold to HFO Capital but managed by HFO Services" I never received a letter before this! The next was that they had heard nothing from me yet I had sent them a recorded letter 20 days before stating it was statute barred then I sent another recorded letter after that and they sent one back enclosing this statement of account "showing I made last made payment in August" and my account was not statute barred because of this. This last letter was printed Sara Arora with a squiggle as a signature.
  13. Seriously I know its ridiculous !!! I will definitely send them a letter either what you have stated or Brig ....They did not state when they got this account from Welcome ..
  14. Hopefully the scan is attached here scan0001.pdf
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