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  1. Thanks for that. I was looking on the 'Moneyclaim' site. Just getting prepared. Is there a template for how to word the text you enter into the 'Particulars of claim*' field? I can't seem to find one. I don't want to word it badly and mess things up. Also. I've worked out the the interest of 8% but how do you word that also? You can't just cut and paste the excel doc (not enough room I think)..and the generic info that pops up doesnt really relate to 30 different interest periods..just one.
  2. jpcooling

    Court Costs

    So I have got my EX160 for to claim for the costs of my court case. I have a few questions. In the section '1d' it asks for the 'title or number of the form that you would like the court to issue'. What do I put in this section? Secondly, i will be using the moneyclaim site to file my claim in about 14 days. I notice that to begin a new claim you have to have 'your debit card details ready'. It auto adds the cost of £120 to my claim. How do I get round this if I do not have to pay?(based on a succesful EX160 response) Or is it better to pay then claim the expenses back afterwa
  3. So having sent my letter requesting a refund of bank charges I have recieved a letter. They refused to refund/cancel any charges. They 'don't agree with OFT's thinking on unfair charges'. Most importantly they claim I don't have a case becuase "the guidlines only concern 'default' charges. The fees we charge for going over an averdraft limit and returned payments are not any kind of default penalty. They are fixed standard prices for the service we provide' Do I now send the next letter or am I beaten?
  4. Yeah I know it has to be in writing. Thing is I'm already claiming from TSB for over £1000 and thought I could avoid falling out with Natwest over £38. This is not the case. Seems like I will be taking all my banks to court, every 2 months, forever. I cant leave this one though cos the £38 charge will incur further huge overdraft charges..and that could end up costing my hundreds.
  5. Okay let me reword this. Have the laws from 5th April been implemented yet? Was she telling the truth?
  6. So this morning I got an unpaid DD charge of £38 (the initial payment was actually less than that). I contacted them to ask for a reversal in their charge and quoted info as seen in your second letter asking for the money back. They implied the whole thing was nonsense and said that the following was wrong because the 'law hasn't been imposed yet'...They told me I would not be getting a refund. "Additionally, it has now been confirmed that your particularly high level of penalties are considered to be unfair per se by the OFT who reported on the 5th April 2006 and are therefore presumed
  7. So..I applied and got a list of bank charges. The total I want to claim for adds to £854.23. Am I right in thinking that I DO NOT claim the 8% at this stage and if so at what stage do I claim it? I have the 'Preliminary approach for repayment.' typed out and ready to send but thought I would make sure before I posted it.
  8. I am very excited about the info I was told about as seen on GMTV regarding claiming back unfair charges. TSB has been my nemesis for 15 years. I have paid more in charges than I have ever had in the bank (I use Natwest..which is my other account). So my first question is this. I am paying charges of £24 a month for being over my overdraft limit. This is the most damaging aspect of my TSB charges. Will I be able to claim for these charges? How much of the £24 is lawful? I had an arranged overdraft of approx £1000 and was maybe £500 over that limit because they reduced the previous £1500
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