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  1. Hi all,


    I'm Lynne, I'm brand new at posting to this forum, but have used lots of advice from it in the past few months to

    Sort out my payday loan nightmare. I got new bank account, an emailed my lenders last week with my financial situation offerig a repayment plan of £30 per month with review in 6 months time.


    I have a total of 6 loans (daft I know) and so far wonga and 1 month loan have been fantastic and accepted my repayment offer straight away. However I have not heard from payday express, except text msg today as their payment has been declined! But no reply

    To my emails. Nothing from QQ or the loan store either. I will email them again as well as send a letter recorded delivery also.


    My problem is with cash genie, they have anger me so much this morning. I hadn't heard from them until today (default day) they then emailed me -from a supposed senior accounts manager - the following email:

    Dear member,


    I am one of the senior account Managers here at Cash Genie and thought I would email you to inform you that your due payment today has in fact declined this morning.


    This could be for a number of reasons which could include payment attempted too early, a new card being issued, a change in repayment date, to name just a few.


    Unfortunately, without contact today, either by calling 0800 046 8121 or directly to my email, late fees will start from tomorrow. This is something I wish to avoid so please do call or email me directly today to discuss your account and I will do my best to make sure any late fees are prevented.


    By contacting me, you will find that I am understanding and I am sure we can resolve any issues together.


    If you have simply had a new card issued, then simply supply me the following information and I will update our records.


    Card type:

    Long card number:

    Start date:

    Expiry date:

    Issue number (if applicable):

    CV2 number (last 3 digits on the reverse of the card):

    Name as it appears on the card:


    Please also confirm if you wish to roll the account over or pay the full amount.


    I will be in the office today until 5:30 PM but can answer any emails upon my return if I am not in the office, so please do take this opportunity to keep your account on track or discuss any problems you may have.


    I look forward to hearing from you today and continuing our existing relationship




    Kindest Regards



    Collections Manager


    I was silly enough to answer this so when they called me I answered expecting a pleasant conversation and negotiation of a repayment plan. I got the most unpleasant rude man called matt who was just pushing me as to why I had taken the loan knowing I couldn't repay, and also where I had got the info of repaying my balance plus one month interest. I explained I had researched and he said 'oh those forums, well that's rubbish'. He was sarcastic and rude and I eventually just hung up as I was shaking like a leaf. He tried to call back which I ignored then got a txt message from them explaining I would have to spk to them to arrange repayment. Not a chance.


    I have emailed them explaining that I would not speak to them on the phone again due to their conduct an to contact me in writing only. Not heard anything else.


    Have I dealt with this ok, or does anyboy have further advice on what to do next!


    Sorry for the long post, I'm just a tad stressed and upset now, suppose I just need to stay strong


    Lynne :-(

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