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  1. Aww that's brilliant news. Massive congratulations to you both. I'm just at the beginning of my journey (default day today) emailed all companies last week, 3 of 6 have agreed to repayment plans, just 3 more to get to agree! Can't wait til I'm Payday loan free! By April next ear that should come! Well done again, u are an inspiration
  2. Is this correct bank Details for cash genie? Just want to Make sure before I make my token payment? Where were these details obtained from? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm Lynne, I'm brand new at posting to this forum, but have used lots of advice from it in the past few months to Sort out my payday loan nightmare. I got new bank account, an emailed my lenders last week with my financial situation offerig a repayment plan of £30 per month with review in 6 months time. I have a total of 6 loans (daft I know) and so far wonga and 1 month loan have been fantastic and accepted my repayment offer straight away. However I have not heard from payday express, except text msg today as their payment has been declined! But no reply To my emails.
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