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  1. Thanks Both of you. I could do with reading up on new banks. The PDLs are from: Lending Stream , Liquid Advance , Payday Express, QuickQuid, Swift Sterling Personal, Txtloan Limited and Wage Day Advance Ltd. mashandpeas
  2. Thanks BBiker Just been reading the loan agreements that I could find. Almost all of them can collect by direct debit it the card transaction fails! No way was that intentionally signed (should have read it better!!!) Can a Direct Debit be cancelled? Thanks, mashandpease
  3. Thank you for your advice. Here's an update. I've been to the CCCS and completed their suggested debt remedy which includes a budget and list of my debts. My concern is still the 6 payday loans that will be emptying my halifax account (they show as 'DC' on the statements) using my Visa debit card on payday. I phoned CCCS and asked them about what to do. They suggested writing (or emailing with read-receipts) to each stating: ============== From: Name: Address: Postcode: Date: To: Creditor's Name: Account/Agreement No: Dear Sir/Madam I have received advice fro
  4. This month's payments match my total salary since my life spiralled out of control because of my partners insistence on taking out payday loans to cover the mortgage and council tax. I have 18 days before my bank account is emptied again, and I can no longer ask my parents for help. Most of the seven lenders (around £200-500 each) are taking the full amount. We've got 18 days before we crash. I read the other night that cutting your plastic up will stop them? I need help... Thanks, mashandpeas
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