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  1. Hi PT Thanks for your help, I appreciate that alot of people are having problems on the receiving end, which is why its quite hard to find people that will give advice on it so thank you. I wouldn't resort to such matters without alot of consideration. The person that I am after is a law unto themselves, I am actually really peed off that he is still trading I cant believe trading standards have done nothing > I will follow your links Mj
  2. Thank you PT I have followed your link and had a look at the options. My concern is that I know the defendant has alot of properties, assets and is very well off BUT I know he will hide assets and most probably evades systems that we all abide by and will keep cash rather than use accounts. I am pretty certain his credit will be bad and will keep little money in accounts and is adept at hiding his income. The best chance I have is to send in bailiffs, I just cant find much out about High Court warrants and my CAB is really bad, no advisors that can help. I have a form for a writ and fi fa I'm still worried about costs though I cant afford to lose more money
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is for £2000, mmm yep I guess he'll just hide his stuff because hes a slippery so n so. High court sounds like a better option, what is an abortive fee please? Is that in case I start to incur costs?
  4. Hi I have won a claim by default but the defendant has not paid up and I know he has assets so I am thinking of applying for a warrant of execution to send bailiffs in. What concerns me is whatever the bailiffs take, if they can, if it goes into storage etc and they end up taking the storage fee off the amount owed to me, can they charge me any extra fee if the storage costs go over the amount owed to me? I hope have explained myself well enough. Basically, can I end up owing bailiffs storage fees for property/assets retrieved for monies owing to me? Any advice would be much appreciated, I dont know what to do this guy is making money STILL after ripping me off and leaving me up s***creek
  5. Thanks for the reply thats what I was wondering, because I want him to refund me I will have to return it, but I dont think he will pay. From what I can gather, the judgement has been made and he has a month to pay. So I go back to court if I dont get it? The car is dangerous, it worries me he will sell it on. Ive contacted trading standards but no luck.
  6. Hello Cut a long story short I got deceived into buying a car that I was told was an a1 runner but is actually a cat c write off and two or three cars mashed up together. I have been through small claims and the guy has been ordered to pay me back the money for the car. What I want to know is if he doesnt pay me can I scrap the car???? It is a nuisance and it has been deemed not roadworthy and dangerous. I just want it gone, can anyone help me please?
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