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  1. Hi all, thanks for the input. The tenancy agreement stated that a calendar month was necessary for the notice period. However I had a verbal agreement with the LL and he stated he was happy to just make that a 7 day notice period (this was due to my been a night worker and the person I shared the house with been extremely noisy and I was unable to sleep... the housemate was deaf, shouted to himself a lot, had his TV on full blast throughout the day and was often too drunk to give a monkeys). I have emails and texts from the LL stating that he a) he was going to return my deposit and then later b) had transferred it. So it would be unwise for him to now state that I'd broken any agreement and was not going to pay me my deposit after all. The latest I have heard from him is: @ sjc123, I will gratefully take you up on the offer of help. I think i'll wait till next wednesday to see though. If there are more delaying tactics then... then I'll resort to issuing letters to him etc thanks again for your input
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. Although he wasn't officially living with us in the house. I'd often come back from work and he'd be asleep in the kitchen.... Other transfers from other people have reached my account since he's claimed he's made the transfer. I got a text from him this morning saying he's been to his bank today and they have double checked the account number its been sent to. "They say" its gone from their end." They say" I should have received it today. However it's still not there.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. It was short-hold tenancy in a shared house. I was there from Nov '12 to mid Feb '13 I've read the 2004 Housing Act and I see this about this 'deposit protection scheme'. Is that applicable to short-hold tenancies? I also see he has to pay me 3x the deposit if we go to court.
  4. Hi all, I'm having problems with my last landlord. I've moved out of his property having given him the 7 days notice period. It stipulated in my tenancy agreement that the deposit would be payed after 7 days having left the property. However he had said to me in person that it was only if he wanted to be "difficult" would he hold it for the 7 days and that "good tenants" such as myself (his words... not mine) would get the deposit back upon leaving. I texted him a couple of days before I left and asked if the deposit would be paid upon my leaving or whether I'd have to wait 7 days. I received the reply: "deposit will given/sent saturday week" Saturday came and I texted him asking if he'd be sending it that day". I got the reply "Yes Out at mo will sort later" I then texted him later and all day the next day and he ignored me. I then rang him and he stated that he had sent the deposit and his bank account was showing it as been sent. However it still didn't arrive. He told me that it might take a couple of days to arrive.... So I waited 5 days and it still didn't arrive. So I texted him again and sent him several emails. He finally replied on Friday saying that: "Ok dude. Will talk to bank tuesday as with family till then" Tuesday has now been and gone. The money is still not in my account and he is not answering my texts and emails again. Any advice greatly appreciated. My financial position is such that I NEED that cash owed to me ASAP. Thanks
  5. Good stuff. Hopefully the ASA will next demand that Analingus remove its motto I'd recommend something like:
  6. Question: How when someone hasn't signed the data waiver giving Ingeus their consent to share data with or contact either your 'future employer' or their own delivery partners... what gives them the right to give your data to one of their delivery partners?
  7. This is incorrect. You only need to give the dates that your employment will start and indicate that you expect the employment to last 5 weeks or more. It clearly states in our signing book (in the signing off section) that we are under no obligation to inform either the DWP or JCP of any future employment details. All you have to tell them is the date you are signing off from.
  8. It's a seriously interesting point. We'd maybe get a situation like 'tulip mania' but instead of tulips it'd be 'unemployment mania'. I think it is likely to become, as mentioned above, one of very very few growth industries. A growth industry that the government is peeing money away through is going to become an "ALL ABOARD" situation until it goes tits up.
  9. I've just had my first appointment since February. I got to the bottom of the fraud letter that was sent to me. I'm assured it was an 'administrative error' (a bit like those cheques that wrote themselves), and despite the wording indicating otherwise, I do not have any obligation to provide the data they demanded. I politely requested they send me no more fraud emails or fraud letters and they've agreed.
  10. @ Infojunkie You say: What I'd do is politely point out to the DWP you were unaware when you started of the amount of fraud and lies been peddled by the WP providers. Tell them you were unaware of the importance to document everything yourself and point out too that when playing the WP's game of 'fraud, scissor, paper and stone' that your 'no evidence' shouldn't be beaten by 'potentially bullpoop lies' (generally the most common outcome from the WP side). I played them once. The DWP didnt ask to see the evidence due to WP been clearly bullpoop liars. Though i'd certainly keep a record of everything. As someone said above: keeping in regular email contact with them will pretty much do that for you.
  11. Reply from Analigus Very true. So not:
  12. I presumed with the amount of pressure they are under they might put on hold the fraudulent requests for stealing data. I have a devilish plan anyway....
  13. fraud letter through the door from analingus lies, lies, lies I think that should read 'we would like you to call...' not 'must call' which implies some sort of obligation
  14. More harsh words from the NAO. More directed at the DWP this time for been asleep at the wheel while the WP providers do what they do. http://www.channel4.com/news/dwp-rapped-for-its-handling-of-work-programme-fraud they should come and read here and find out.... it is no secret we are subject to lies, fraud, bullying and intimidation by a criminal network disguised as public servents.
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