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  1. Well that seems pretty conclusive! Have to say I was a little wary of just ignoring but have been quite reassured by reading a bit more advice on here, I'll let you know it goes. If it wasn't quite so arbitrary I still think it's pretty shocking that the local NHS car park (for a small town hospital without A&E) is operated in this way. Thanks again!
  2. A while ago I parked for a very short period (say 10 mins) having mistaken the operating hours of a local NHS car park's paying policy, and received a ticket on my return from Town and City Parking (TCP). I rapidly persuaded the warden that it was silly and probably unfair etc etc and he tore the ticket up in front of me and promised it would go no further. Somewhat predictably I've now received a very standard letter demanding payment, so should I: a) Ignore entirely (I'm less keen on this simply because I'd hate for my lodgers to potentially end up dealing with bailiffs if it did g
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