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  1. If anyone still follows this, you'll be pleased to hear that after appealing to the Ombudsman, the debt was cancelled and Barclays paid me a £500 apology......Thanks all !!
  2. Yes, I've just received the CAR and they HAVE been loading this with interest (totalling around £1000) for 11 years. The rest of the debt was a direct debit which I had forgotten about. I also found a copy of a letter I sent them 11 years ago (when the account was £0) asking them to close it. Should I dispute this with Barclays or the Debt Recovery Company? Ta Joe
  3. Hi there, Barclays has sent my account to "Moorcroft Debt Recovery" and I would like to appeal against the debt on the grounds that (a) Barclays did not contact me for 12 years to let me know about the money coming out - despite having my address via a linked account (b) I did not have an agreed overdraft with them during this period and they let the debt run up to £2000! Could I ask, should I contact Barclays to dispute the debt, or the Debt Recovery people? Thank you Joe
  4. Thank you Silverfox! In reply to your questions, 1. I thought I had closed the account, but I presume I didn't. My fault. I also thought I'd cancelled the direct debit !! 2. I simply don't remember the Direct Debit details. I must have given the CIPD my account details, but as this was more than 10 years ago, just don't remember. I should contact them and ask. 3. I really have no idea why the bank didn't contact me. Originally, this was a student account with a £1000 overdraft, but I ceased being a student in 2000. That they didn't contact me came out in a conversation with Barclays on this phone. I told them I hadn't received any post from them, and the guy said they didn't send any! 4. Yes, the DD was taken (actually for 8 years - I don't know why it stopped) and the band made no contact with me and I made no contact with them. The overdraft went over it's £1000 limit in 2010, but they didn't close the account until 2014 when the interest had racked up another £1000!
  5. Hello again! Well, I finally received a response to my SAR from Barclays. From what I can see: 1. in Oct. 2002, the account had a zero balance. I assumed I had closed the account and received no correspondence from them. 2. In June 2003, an annual direct debit (around £100) from my Professional institute (the CIPD) came out and I went overdrawn. This DD was cancelled (by the bank in 2011). 3. In September 2004, I moved house, and the bank marked me as "gone away". I set up a post forwarding service for 6 months. By their own admission (on the phone) they did not attempt to contact me by post from this date onwards. 4. The DD continued to be taken out each year, and the bank began to charge me interest. Initially, the was £2/month but increased exponentially as the debt increased, so that by 2013, the was £23 / month. 5. Other than the DD, which I did not know about, I had no contact with the bank until I found out they were chasing me for the debt. Can anyone give me advice on next steps please? Thank you, Joe
  6. Quick update: Just been sent my SAR files: Barclaycard & ISA files but nothing about the bank account they claim I owe £2k on! I will write & ask again! Best wishes Joe
  7. Hi @slick132, Regarding whether to contact the DCA & bank, I am unsure what is the best course of action: @unclebulgaria, @citizenb and @dodgeball suggest sending them a letter explaining the dispute and asking to put the account on hold. However, you and one other suggest not contacting them at all. I am concerned that if I don't contact anyone that: a. the default notice will not be removed from my credit history b. I might get a visit from the baliffs! Would you still advise no contact? Thank you, Joe
  8. Apologies, for some reason I have not been getting notified of this thread. No update really. I submitted an SAR a couple of weeks ago, but otherwise have not contacted the DCA or Barclays. The DCA wrote me a third letter threatening a visit.......
  9. Thank you for this. The DCA has written to me for a third time saying, among other things, that: "if you fail to respond within 7 days from this letter, a report of your circumstances will be provided and further recovery action recommended. This may involve an instruction to a debt investigation officer to conduct a home visit" Shall I continue to ignore them?
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