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  1. Took a loan from Car cashpoint in March. Was not working and got loan for £1000 they fudged figures to get loan after saying I didn't meet requirements - no income, scanned bank statements in my house. I emailed them and said ok didn't meet requirements, after few calls they compromised and gave me loan minus 3 months payments in advance. I am in work now and in a position to get rid of them, but they want 886 to settle, I have paid 1200 to date. There is fees on the account of 126, can I get these fees looked into. Really nasty company to deal with, threats for term of loan, I genuinely had no income, and now as expected no goodwill to show, I guess at this end of the market goodwill does not exist, I know its my fault but what are chances of winding them on for fees over a quarter of the capital paid back. Can it go to Ombudsman etc or are they not interested.
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