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  1. Hi, New to this thread but have read it since the first thread. I took out a loan 3 years ago (well 35 months ago) with FLM have had nothing but nonsense from them! I went into labour a day before my payment was due, gave birth the day it was due so I didn't phone them to make the payment, They rang my phone 6 times the day it was due, and i had 5 texts, the day after i'm still recovering in hospital they had contacted my guarantor explaining that I had been charged £20 and a letter was on its way for £7, my guarantor explained I had just given birth and if they waited just a couple of days I would make the payment when I got out of hospital. 3 days later I got home, checked my bank as I was about to make the payment and found out they had attempted to withdraw the funds 3 times (even though they had no permission and no direct debit was set up, as this was my partners card we used to make the montly payments on) and he had been charged 3 times which equalled £95 in charges which meant the bank charged him an additional £60 for going overdrawn so he's now £155 overdrawn in debt to the bank! I phoned FLM and told them If they had waited for me to phone in and make the payment we wouldnt have a problem but now because they have done that they can stuff their payment this month as we needed to pay the bank back their money first! Flm told me they would be taking it from the garuntor. Later that day my guarantor phoned me and told me they had attempted to take money on 3 occasions and she was now overdrawn! This is shocking, because they were taking it from my partners and my garuntors at the same time. So because I gave birth and was in total after this fiasco was 6 days late on my payment, I incurred 2 x £20 charges, and 2 x £7 letter charges, £310 in joint bank charges, so in total, for 6 days of being late, £364. DISGUSTING!!!!
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