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  1. I have tried to get legal aid - problem is no one can quite get their heads around if it is civil or criminal - one solicitor did start to look at the matter on legal aid ( they were not very good and have now lost their legal aid status) adivsed me last week that a Barrister friend of theirs said it is criminal but finding someone to run a criminal case on Legal Aid is the problem - i have called alot of solicitors but they do not hold the legal aid certificate to deal with the matter. I cannot beleieve someone can steal your shop and get away with it yet if they stole your handbag the pol
  2. Briefly - i owned a good turnover shop that due to a relationship breakdown i was looking to sell - various people and companies viewed - to cut a long story short one of them came back early one morning on opening and told an employee the shop was theres now...had the locks changed etc I reported the matter to police who said they could not get involved as the matter was civil ( but has since been found to be elemenst of civil and criminal). Large debts have been run up in my name as still owner of shop - rent to council ( who took 14months to evict this person) electric bills, water r
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