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  1. I've been dealing with Matalan face to face, and IT Luggage via email.
  2. Hi, I bought my suitcase from Matalan what I thought was around 11 months ago. I can't seem to find the receipt but was told by your customer services telephone line that it's not needed due to the warranty that is on the suitcase of which is 10 years. It seems that a screw has dropped out of the metal arm that the plastic screws into and therefore has affected the way that the handle comes up and goes back down deeming it a manufacturer fault. The manufacturer informed me to take it back to Matalan and get it exchanged. Hooray! Upon taking it back, they scanned a barcode inside which said it was £30, though I remember paying at least £50 for it. They can only assume that the last price they sold this particular model at (which is now end of line) was £30 in a sale, and nothing says otherwise that I didn't pay £30 for it. The new equivalent models are £45 to buy like for like. I've contacted all of my banks and all of my credit cards, and can't find any proof of purchase anywhere, so I can only assume that I paid cash, which is something I hardly ever do, and I'm trying to think back as to why I would have. Where do I stand legally, as a friend of mine states it was 2012 I bought it, but I honestly thought it was less than a year ago, so shows how much I know about dates and times. I'm not trying to [problem] anyone for more money or anything. I just want a like for like suitcase as part of the worlds lightest range, with 4 wheels and a working handle. Where do I stand? Many thanks.
  3. I'm on a low income, so will that not allow me to get help with the costs? Thanks for the welcome.
  4. Hi all, Sold something to a guy back in 2009 online and some problems arose where i owed him just over £100 due to the item being damaged on delivery. I forgot all about it and thought nothing more of it until i recently looked at my credit file and found a CCJ from 2010 left for me. Surely i should have received some correspondence from the court about this? Of which i didn't and haven't done to this date. The only reason i looked at my credit file was due to applying for credit and being declined, and now i know why. After speaking to Northampton court (the main office) they told me to get a solicitor, which is going to cost me more than the claim is worth, and clearly it's not my fault as i never had a chance to rectify the issue. Can someone advise as to what i'm supposed to do here as i'm clueless right now and want this CCJ gone from my record completely as i feel it should have never been put there in the first place. Many thanks.
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