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  1. thats interesting to know. i guess i really wanna know if they are gonna take me to court? will ignoring them make it go away? seems like ignoring it wnt help my credit rating ?
  2. Do you know if the PP account was hacked or if it was a legit account but with a stolen card, if so, I dont see how you can add a stolen/fake card to your account. Andy i do not know if it was a legit account but paypal said the purchase of my item was made on a stolen credit card.
  3. the solicitors are called Geoffery Parker Bourne, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. yes they are scaring me but there is no way im paying them, i A-dnt have the money, and B-i shouldnt have to. just dunno how to get it resolved.
  4. sadly i cannot ignore it any more as the debt collectors have passed us on to a solicitor who have started tagging on legal fees to the amount we 'owe'.
  5. hi andy. no there was no money in the paypal account, but the buyer managed to reverse the transaction so it is now sitting at -£300. the paypal account is linked to a bank account but that wasnt affected by the reversal, it has, as you said, caused ebay to block our account with them. the debt collectors have now passed our case into a solicitor and they have given us 7 days to pay them the money (plus their legal charges). i have sent a strongly worded letter to the solicitor stating the case, included copies of all the evidence i have which proves my innocence but havent heard bac
  6. hi there, i really really need help/advice. 2 months ago i sold an item on ebay and after a few days found a buyer for my item. the buyer wanted to use Paypal as method of payment, to which i agreed to as i thought that would protect me. so they paid the amount into our paypal account and we transferred the money into a bank account as soon as it was clear and i sent the item special delievery to them, and even have a tracking number as proof. the afternoon of me sending the item the buyer reversed the payment through paypal and claimed they never recieved the item and now paypal are
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