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  1. So that i can be clear in my mind TBH Im very new to this and dont want to be shot down just out of the stocks No point getting a SAR, just fill out the FOS PPI questionaire and send with letter stating i want PPI back as it was never requested or wanted.
  2. dx100uk changed banks already not that any of them are that great, that said some do appear to be better than others at the moment I have read a fair amount on single premium PPI however there doesnt appear to be much on monthly PPI payments do i understand it that the process is the same? How do i calculate the interest on it, and are you able to apply compensation to it as well? cheers
  3. Hi All, I looking for a bit advise on a really two problems i have with Barclays Bank. The first is, I recently went into the local branch and spoke to the manager to advise that, i was currently unemployed and could they not hammer me with charges on my overdraft (£1400) worth whilst i got back to work. The manager was totally dismissive of my situation and offered no help other than dont eat and go bankrupt! I sent a letter to the head office outlining what had happened in the meeting and that i wasnt happy with the service and comments recieved. Also that the
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