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  1. I had received a call from Lee in the vodafone team saying Thanks for your time on the phone a moment ago. As discussed, action has been taken to remove the late payment status codes in relation to airtime account +++++++ from your credit file. Please note that this course of action has been taken purely as a goodwill gesture and for no other reason. Please allow around forty-eight working hours for the above to be reflected on your credit file This was on 31st October 2011, I have checked every other day and emailed Lee for an update, my credit file shows no change and i
  2. Lee @ vodafone if your out there, im hoping a pm is coming your way
  3. Hi Lee Sent the mail to vodafone team & got their auto reply saying they will get back to me in 48hrs No reply after 3 days and ive chassed them, is there anything you can do
  4. I hope someone can give me a little advice on how to deal with this problem. I had a phone contract which I cancelled in Nov 2007 with Vodafone. I cancelled the direct debit and adviced that I would make the final payment/balance by card. I never received a final bill and thought that the account was closed and no further monies where due. I opened at the same time a pay as you go phone, which I still have. I tried to get credit in Dec 2010 and was declined with Currys and they advised that I should get a credit report. I signed up with experian and there was an outstanding deb
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