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  1. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE ABOVE COMPANY DO NOT CONTACT THEM AS THEY ARE APPALING TAKE IT FROM ME – I HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE Hi - Can someone help me in this matter please. I applied to the above company (UK Bankruptcy Ltd) going back to February 2006 for a re mortgage on my current property. I had a client from the company come to my house - We completed the paper work and off he went back to the office with a cheque to the value of £300 Which they promptly cashed. Unfortunately as I already had a loan on the property - the loan company were not happy as I went o
  2. Hiya - thanks for your reply - I have sent my LBA - refusing the goodwill offer they made to me - I think my next step is a court action ? But im not sure what the process is..???? I have had a call from the bank this morning telling me they will not be increasing the offer -
  3. Hiya - Can anyone help me please - I have had a call from the bank (Halifax) offering me £1,358 of £3,600+ charges. I have refused this offer as advised from the site - I need to know what my next step is from here - I have replied refusing the offer via a letter. Do I go to the Onbudsman or to a solicitor..??? Any advise would be very much appreciated. thank you Nilsatisit
  4. Do you know how I go about claiming the charges back..??? Like with the banks is there a template on here I could read through.. Any pointers would be great thanx. Over the last 12 months I have not only been charged by the bank, I had ON: Line Finance charging me £40 per late payment and £15 for each letter. Many thanks for your reply -
  5. Hiya - me again - Over the last four years or so I have been paying my car via DD from my account. Over these four years i have been unable to pay from time to time. Online Finance is the lender and they have charged me £40 minimal + £25 per letter being sent to the house. Can I claim these charges back also ?? Any help with this would be great thanks. Best wishes
  6. Hi, I’m new here and Iv just sent my 2nd letter asking for charges to be returned. Just have to wait for 14 days - I have calculated over £3k worth of charges have been taken from my account, defaults being registered, Bad credit history, Sleepless nights, undue Stress. Does or has anyone known of compensation being paid in these circumstances If anyone can help me in my fight again the banks, It would be very much in appreciated. I will update here as and when I have any news for you all. Good luck and happy claiming
  7. hello all - im new here too - Heres my story so far Hi, I’m new here and currently at the second stage of claiming my hard earned cash back from Halifax, Just adding up how much and I’m totally shocked. Just a quick overview here. at my last count I had been charged nearly £3k over a period of 4yrs. in one period alone I was charged £800 in 7weeks. in the month of June 2006 I was charged £312 + another £28.00 for being over drawn on my over draft, since iv been looking in to claiming my charges back I have found the level of customer support from the Halifax unbearabl
  8. Hello - Send it back to the address on the top of your statements..?
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