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  1. To me "£38 or less" means a maximum of £38 or LESS, not MORE! How do you justify that? And for those that said "all you have to do is find a fare at £38 and one at £37.95" - but that still does not cover "£38 or LESS". @ Bazza - having a bit of common sense is not "tosh" compared to stats. I came back today (on the train) it was packed, many people were forced to stand up, if the train derailed, or the emergency break was applied because one idiot decided to play "chicken" on the tracks (a recent increase, which is a fact for you since your a person of facts) - how many of those standing would be shunted forward? Plus those that would be jolted in their seats, multiply that by 8 carriages. Then I got on the bus from the train station, overly packed, many people standing, some were standing on the upper deck - the sign that says "no standing on upper deck" is very small and in the corner - buses operate on the road, yet they're exempt from seatbelts and poor health and safety signs? And please quit ranting about ASA or any other regulatory body as they're are few corrupt ones here and there that dont do much for consumers. "The big get bigger, the small get smaller".
  2. Well, if we rewind back when cars were a "luxury" - public transport was aimed at those that could not afford the "luxury" - I might be entirely wrong! I dont want to start a pointless debate, but one thing, in my opinion, cars are probably safer than trains as you got no forms of restraint and safety features in trains such as seatbelts and airbags. The likelihood of an injury increases for passengers standing up "toe to heal" lol. As car users we have to ensure all safety aspects via an MOT and you would expect with the ever increasing rail prices safety would be considered as a major role. Even public buses dont have seatbelts yet they are on the road, I really dont understand these loopholes/grey areas! Back on topic: a trip to the rail station, the prices are stil the same as the website. However, I can still get a rail card lol (I thought you had to be a student for that).
  3. I seen that too. Problem is, the £25 ticket is at 12:15 - too early for me, later afternoon is £48... It drops to £22 at 2315 which is too late. I need something after 2pm really! It was about £3ish for parking (not far off from Nottingham prices 80p for 30mins anyone?) lol Miss my student rail card courtesy of Natwest
  4. Ok, I need to go to to London from Nottingham this Thurs/Fri. On East Midlands Trains website it says this: "Return tickets to London for £38 or less" http://www.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk/travelling-with-us/our-network/trains-to-london/ Ok, now I have been quoted from Nottm to London £17 one way, return journey I am getting stupid figures around £48-90 one way! The return tickets are coming in at over £120. The above prices are from 2 singles (even with their "best fare finder") - as you can see these figures are way out with their "£38 or less".... What is going on here? I drove to London twice before and back to Nottm on £40 worth of diesel. Moreover, I get my own personal space in the car, and dont have to stand around cramped at peak hours, or listen to some drunk rage at off peak times. I thought public transport was supposed to be cheap?
  5. Oh god I cant remember. I think it £44.50 x 4 = £178 and I paid £5 last month = £183. They said previously they want it all by end of financial year. But previously I have been quoted £8 per month then £20 and all the other figures in another post. What are my options here? Because I got NOTHING to live on?! Something to note here: recently I been contacted by some agent in Birmingham asking whether I wish to sell a HMO property that I managed a long time ago for someone or let this agent let it for me. The funny thing is how does this agent know I own/manage it and how in the earth does he know it is a HMO (Housing in Multiple Occupation) - you need a licence from the Local Authority to operate a property as HMO - now to my knowledge only Nottingham City Council hold this information and NO ONE else. Does this mean they have been selling my details to third parties? Can they do this????
  6. As of April 2013, thanks to the changes, councils are free to set their own criteria as you state. Most councils have, however, withdrawn the Class A 100% empty unfurnished property discount. If your property remains empty after 1 year, some councils are now charging 150% council tax!! You need to really refer to the council's website and see the new rules. All private landlords going down the pan - private tenants hard to find even more thanks to all the new student complexes being built everywhere, and if 1 property is empty you pay £100+ per month if its more than one then start multiplying. Many people will start selling up as this business is now doomed!
  7. Oh and if the property was unoccupied and even unfurnished the landlord would still have to pay for council tax regardless (due to the changes this year many councils have scrapped 100% empty unfurnished discount). I had someone tell me that since my property is a business it is therefore considered as "commerical waste" and therefore I cannot use the bins - what kind of a joke is that? What is the point of council tax then?
  8. Filled out means enquiry form, and stated I only have £25 to live on at the end of the month after the mortgage. I am willing to give them the £25. Both my bank accounts I am overdrawn to the max. Today they wrote to me saying they considered my offer £5-25 per month, but they cant accept it and the minimum they can take now is £44.50 per month. Or it will be passed on to bailiffs. I hardly own many possessions since I live with parents. What are my options here? I am not on benefits either due to falling out of the threshold. They are asking for nearly twice the £25 I have left over from monthly rental income.
  9. Wow, received my bailiff warning letter today (2weeks after the hearing date). Now they are not willing to accept £20 a month. It has to be paid by end of financial year, which works out at £36 a month. Seriously from £7, to £20, now £36?! Quiet ridiculous. They let it get this far purposely so they can get more out of you! Gota go down the route of a "means enquiry form".
  10. That's great news mate. They could have been awkard about it but as the car is 3 years old and stil running on its first belt which snapped - is no fault of your own. And cam belts for modern cars are recommended upto 80-100k!
  11. Thankyou CB. The judge said "the liability order will be granted" - is it not the same thing? When the council chap who left after the hearing abruptly told me "the court will send out the liability to order and from there you can make payment arrangements etc". Am kind of confused.
  12. (I have skimmed over this topic) I will give you option number 4: Tell him that if he contacts you again you will go to the police as he is harrassing you. The car was "sold as seen" as is every car sold privately. You dont know if he has gone and cause the damage himself to the vehicle - he could have! The buyer should do any checks prior to sale and exchanging money/car. My friend he is taking you for a ride, you sound like someone with lack of knowledge / a kind, soft type of person who others might think they can take you for a ride. I sold an old Golf once and it has knocking noises when the buyer test drove it, he came back the next morning with 2 lads saying "give me my money back as there is a problem with the gearbox and you didnt tell me this, and I will call the police" my reply was "here is your sold as seen receipt, I had told you I dont know why there is a knocking noise and you still bought the car, if you wasnt happy you shouldnt have, please call the police as they wont help you, now get off my property." He was a big Eastern European... Another time I was selling a 10 year old car, and the 2 guys that came were so fussy saying there is a little scratch here or there - seriosuly the car is 10 years old, not 10 days old! You have to be stern in such situations. And for the record, a car is "unroadworthy" (or potentially unroadworthy) when it has no MOT certificate (not for cars under 3 years old) or it has failed its MOT test. Or if the car DOES have an MOT certificate but there is an issue on the car that would fail its MOT then it can be considered as unroadworthy - i.e. bold tyres which would not allow you to stop safely. If you sold a car without MOT or Tax it is the buyer's responsibility to either tax and MOT it or have it transported on a trailer - it is no way your responsibility
  13. Mis-communication between benefits and council tax department. Very common with local authorities this sort of behaviour and before you know your in court entirely because some incompetent employee(s) couldnt do their job(s) properly.
  14. That link doesnt work. Ah if you told me first I could've taken that with me. There was only 3 of us and many others "sorted it" outside. Many didnt turn up so were dealt without their presence. Funny you mention others Outlawla, I tried talking to one chap he refused to let anything out, tried again after the hearing and he said "I dont want to talk about" - what the idiots dont understand I am in the same place. Of course we will be bullied if we dont unite. CB - I am used to it total unfair nonsense system - talk about democracy. UK allied with US talk about democracies in other countries but this is not democracy especially were common sense lacks and you penalise your citizens. I am trying to work my way in to relocating to the Middle East purely because of no nonsense tax. The BBC yet publish on "why do so many Brits chose a life abroad?" - well they dont want to be ripped off. I have read somewhere if your a US citizen and have financial interests aboard you have to pay taxes for this in the US as well as the other country - what kind of utter nonsense democracy in the West do we live in?! Oh, I was first up btw, but the chap who went up last seen that we got a good kicking and questionned the judge on why do us innocent folk always be mistreated whilst local authorities get favoured. Again the judge muttered the same nonsense "the authority operated accordingly". I really should have prosectued this council for causing distress as 3 years ago they sent a bill on my late father's name for council tax on a property that he never owned or had any interest in whatsoever. The council said to me "you will have to prove that your father didnt own it" - again how in earth are you supposed to do that? Someone who had exactly the same name as my father owned the property and yet the council are incompetent fools to even see this.
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