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  1. Nope. Should I be sending them a SAR?
  2. Hello! My lender was MBNA and my friend got a similar response from RBS
  3. Hello! I am pursuing a PPI claim and received a letter saying the lender has found my agreement and as it was a postal app with the box ticked and so it was non-advised and therefore I have no grounds for a claim. I may have ticked the box but the fact that even if I did I still don't actually know what the PPI covers me for, whether I would've been eligible to claim on it if, what I was excluded on and whether or not there was a different insurance on the market at the time that may have been better suited to me. If they say they have the postal app with a ticked box requestin
  4. Thanks IMS, (thought I had put it in the PPI forum) I'm pretty sure this is the FOS questionnaire though as I've received the same one from different lenders. Why would they send me a lengthy questionnaire to fill out if I've never even paid PPI to them in the first place??? Obviously trying to put off everybody at the first hurdle without owning up to the people that have actually paid PPI without realising it, if they only sent questionnaires to people that had paid PPI (and let them know in the cover letter that they had paid it) then they know all of the questionnaires would be s
  5. I have made 5 reclaims for PPI against my creditors - 2 of them are against Barclaycard, 1 against CITI, 1 against the Co-op and 1 against HFC. I'm not 100% sure if I paid if paid PPI on all of them but I definitiely did on 2 of them. (On my second Barclaycard I cancelled my PPI in writing in November 2011 but realised in march they were still charging me for it so I know I've definitely got a claim there). I decided that I might as well try and claim for all accounts incase they had been charging me PPI without me realising. I have recently recieved the same Consumer Questionnaire (
  6. Hello Sand-Dancer?! What were the manchester cases???
  7. Thanks guys. I'm really trying to distinguish between compound interest and restitutionary damages. I understand how to calculate CI and I've already got the CAG calculators but for RD is the lender not obliged to divulge what profits it has made from the money it shouldn't have taken? Does this not make CC and RD two different things then?
  8. Hello! This is a question about Compound Interest & Restituionary Damages, I've read up on them but there's a couple of things I'm not sure about. I want to query them using a PPI reclaim on a credit card as an example. This is going to be long-winded but I wanted to explain things in as much detail as possible, as I said I've looked through this forum at length and through some FSA stuff online as well as other reading material but couldn't find a definite answer on how Compound Interest and Restitutionary Damages relate to one another or how RD is calculated.
  9. Has anyone noticed all the "mis-sold mortgage compensation claim" companies that have been sprouting up since it was featured on C4 news?? they all tend to have the c4 clip embedded on their home page. It's different from ERC claims and focusses on how the mortgage was sold, i.e. was the broker commission led, so I'm not sure how they'd work out the cost of the compensation if someone is sold a mortgage they'd never be able to maintain then lose their house 2 years down the line as a result of some commission hungry broker!!! So is this gonna be the next big claim after PPI's or can
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