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  1. I would`nt offer full and final until you have all the details from the cca .
  2. Nothing they can do to you anyway ...you did say you are paying direct to the water company... so any threat from them is not worth the paper is written on... silly people !
  3. DCA are not allowed to contact work if they do report them ... anyway as said best thing to do is just send them your I.E with relevant info but NO bank satements or the like ...IF THE DONT ACCEPT TRY A FREE DMP cOMPANY TO HELP YOU ...MEANWHILE SEND THEM WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD ...as said have you done the CCA1974 cos they wont like that if you do .
  4. I would advise that you do not ring Equita !!!!!! You can contact HMRC and ask them for a breakdown of all payments and request this in writing ... once seen and you have gone over it you will be in a better position to see where the over payment has occurred. Until you get this information do not do anything else and please do not ring Equita !!!!!! I had an over payment of child tax credit and sorted it out with HMRC ... if these payments are correct you can then ring the HMRC payments helpline and arrange to pay in instalments . Others will advise also .
  5. Got letter stating over payment to us of working families child tax credit ...have 3 months to question it or pay by Oct 6th 2014. Are there any letters / forms that can help with this on the site please.
  6. Hi wintry Just a basic guide for income & expenditure ...which one is accepted the most really ...cheers
  7. Just to put a lighter note on this we used Payplan ...we were asked if we had PPI ...we not sure so we were then asked if SYC could contact us ...after saying yes and talking to them we received a sum of £985 back in PPI from a credit card They did us good and we would have not known about this
  8. Hi frustrated Did you go to court in person ...only reason I ask is if you had done you could have defended yourself more ...the payday company will have had the upper hand on this with the judge I think ...sure there is something you can do but I am not in the know ...truly hope you get it sorted
  9. Hi has anyone got a link to the guide expenses plz:???:
  10. Hi Not sure you really need Moorgate seeing all the letters you have sent to FOS & Lloyds just send them a letter with the ref no. on for the FOS & address & repeat in it that acount is in dispute futher info contact the FOS ....but yoy must send all copies of letters you get from whomever to the FOS ...and yes quote the BCOBS at them. I personally would not like or want Moorgate seeing what you have in letters to the FOS as they really have no dealing in the matter as this was passed over whilst in diispute...other cag members may feel differently but having dealt with Llo
  11. Well done ....glad to have been of help at this rate you will be able to look ahead and breathe instead of worrying...you must keep a check on your accounts now ...if they add interest or anything else from now on go straight back to them via the e-mail and tell them ...you will find that the depts that send out all the comp generated letters will know nothing so do not even ring the numbers on them. Hope you have been able to feel the sense of power you have when you know you are in the right over these charges . So glad to have been of help.
  12. Geer, Madeline Send an e-mail to this person ...outline all your greivences and mark official complaint ...make sure you get a read reciept so you have evidence of your mail. This is CEO of Lloyds dept and I and others on here have had good outcomes from dealing with this dept. You will got no where by talking on the phone to the depts in lloyds. They will probs not contact you by mail thay usually put a letter in the post but do not give up keep sending mail out each week untill you have a reply sent to you good luck
  13. Thats brilliant And yes we got overdraft charges back so go ahead do it after all they know they have not been playing fair otherwise why would they have given you what they have back...and glad I have been of help... :) keep at them untill you have it all back make sure you check your statements well :)
  14. Think you get parked at the nearest bus stop to see if you can get anywhere to find work ....oh remember now the free bus pass has been stopped till 62 around or end ...maybe you will just have to trawl the job sites or ask if the DWP have any vacancies for the 60 & overs ....lol it`s a joke upping the retirement age when there are all the young wanting jobs ...hope you find out what they do and let us know . Good luck
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