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  1. these do relate to previous posts yes i did pay via website for a while but they passed on to previous bailiffs and didn't take any off my bills i am in a position to pay off in one go now council saying i have to pay it to rundles who i know will take their cut and i will still be left with outstanding money i owe the council and back to where i started again surely i can pay the council why cant they take the orders back and let me clear my debt as if they keep sending bailiffs they wont get anything the car i use etc is all in another
  2. hi i have 4 unpaid council tax bills from when times were hard i am now in a position to pay all off but wigan council say they wont accept payment i have to deal with rundles can they refuse my payments and make me deal with bailiffs as they have added around £1000 in charges even though they have only ever posted 1 letter and never even knocked on the door he crept up and posted letter thanks in advance Dave and Mandy
  3. no not vulnerable its wigan council the bailiffs are rundles i have like i say paid council in the past via online but they paid it direct to rossendales since they came in the last 18 months 3 different firms been and returned it to council null bona or something like that i have in the past a few years ago now offered to pay the council in installments but each time they said they weren't willing to do this and said the bailiffs would continue although if they had it would be paid off now i just wanted to know if i start to pay them now is there a way i could make sure the coun
  4. hi does anyone have a letter template for this please i have old council tax debt i have offered the council a payment plan etc but they still send bailiffs every few months (different one every time) i did pay direct on line to the council after advice from cag but the council gave the moneys i paid to the bailiff firm i want to pay direct again but is it possible to let the council know your paying them so that they do not send monies to bailiffs and is this a legally binding so they cant forward monies on plus the change of rules now are they allowed to force entry or levy on someon
  5. thanks i did show then the documents but they took no notice it says there coming back in 5 days as of yesterday i will be waiting for them
  6. thanks for the replies if the council would of accepted my plan instead of passing the account from one bailiff to another it would of been paid off by now the reason i stopped paying was because the were paying it all to tosserdales who had charged me loads of illegal fees now they have reopened it again with a new firm bristow and sutor who posted a letter yesterday saying they have seized my wife's car she purchased the car using her ebay account her money paid for it she has a receipt from the previous owner made out to her etc etc (the debt is in my name only) and charged me
  7. i made payments direct to them a while ago £250 in all and they paid it all to their then bailiffs tosserdales i'm not falling for that again bristow and sutor reckon they been 3 times already and charges are over £200 already i only seen them once so they are lying already how come these people can try to rip you off and not get penalized for it how can they take possession of a car and caravan if they belong to my wife and the debt is only in my name she bought the car and caravan its her name on log book and also has the receipt from previous owner and was also off her own eb
  8. help please if possible just had bristow and sutor at my door for unpaid nndr from 2004 he said ive come to take goods i said your not coming in he said ill take your car i said its not mine its the wifes (worth £400 ) amount owed is around £700 one thing the car is registered to my wife and the receipt when she got the car is made out to her i drove off with the car anyway they left paperwork saying they have seized the car but tax unknown why do this im sure they have the powers to check the cars not mine and theres also a caravan on the drive but never even mentioned
  9. just an update i have had some help from a cag member sending letters of formal complaints regarding unfair charges off to them rossendales and my old council just waiting for a reply now big thanks to all that have helped i will post an update when i hear anything dave and mandy
  10. just an update i have had some help from a cag member sending letters of formal complaints regarding unfair charges off to them rossendales and my old council just waiting for a reply now big thanks to all that have helped i will post an update when i hear anything dave and mandy
  11. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http://www.dca.gov.uk/consult/distress/annb.pdf not sure if anyone has read this but it is very usefull it is to me as the bailiff mr p--h refused to show me any id or his certificate therefore his levy against my car is illegal ? any ideas
  12. got the letter from rossendales breakdown of charges hmm please note they levied on my car in my absence on my council tax debt i never signed anything iwasn't even at home when they did it thats the only thing they got no one has or ever will come into my house can they levy on my car for 6 different accounts ?? they charged levy fees on my nndr debt but have never been in my house so is it on my car again ?? 2 accounts for nndr they charged 24.50 visit 1 on 1 account for nndr and same 24.50 on the other account nndr but 2 different dates 1 fee for each accouint le
  13. thanks for the reply plodder got an email last night of rossendales and they say they are posting a breakdown out to me in the mean time im parking my car somewhere else not on my drive as i cant take a chance on them removing clamping etc i need it toget to work i work in the middleof the countryside and theres no public transport from here to there i will up date when i have the breakdown i had 6 accounts with then according to them and my car is named on all 6 distress letters they have sent me they also pressumed it has a cherished plate as its only got for instance m44 vor this is
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