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  1. Thanks andy07 for the info will ring Northampton court tomorrow myself,and see what they say.
  2. The figure on credit file is the same DLC are asking for. £5740.70
  3. Thanks for reply dx100uk, Just checked credit file online and no sign of DLC (Direct Legal & Collections) or Hillesden securities. Loan is still under Black Horse.
  4. Had letter from DLC acting on behalf of Hillesden Securities saying my account with black horse has been transfered to them,and all payments to be made to them not black horse. Had loan since june 2006 and payed black horse for two and half year,then came out of work black horse ccj'ed me in 2009. Got back to work and payed as per court instruction until march 2010,then came out of work again. Not heard anything from black horse ever since. DLC letter arrived 14th september with a poor quality plain letter from Aplins solicitors saying they will ccj me at my local cou
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