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  1. Ahh yes apologies. The rossendales case is nothing more than a £15 payment for remaining services on my broadband when i switched provider which is at this moment disputed anyway. Others: Credit Sol: Old mobile and broadband costs: £133 and £44 respectively Scott: £105 bill for newer phone due to unexpected inability to pay. Ross: As above stated. There are a few other small debts totaling around £150 with the two man companies stated above. Parents: Understood there my dad is retired and my mother is also long-term illness and not claiming anything as my dad has h
  2. Hello all. As this is my first post i'm trying to keep this as legible as possible, bear with me. For the past three months I have had several DCA's on my back for debts (some are legitimate some are not) and it has reached the point where some are threatening action/home visits and such and frankly phoning my parent's home more than half a dozen times a day. Most of these debts are relatively minor (the biggest is £133) so obviously i would prefer not to blot my future credit due to bad circumstances at the moment. My uncle died a few months ago on my 23rd birthday and as
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