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  1. If the LA is in a UC area then it is now handled by DWP. All HB fraud is now investigated by DWP and LA's no longer have any HB fraud investigators. As a consequence of this, HB fraud is actually going through the roof! The only HB LA's deal with now is for pensioners
  2. I know for a fact that at an LA that I used to work for we paid out HB in the form of mooring fees for someone living on a narrowboat in a boat yard.
  3. Ahem, CFCD surely.........
  4. I agree with shoelover - if you haven't spent the money, ergo, you didn't know you had received it, then that is excellent mitigation.
  5. LA/DWP normally only prosecute for overpayments in excess of £2000.
  6. Really? without a RIPA? old wives tales more like!
  7. If you were sharing a room in a property occupied by other tenants then it is classed as an HMO - House of Multiple Occupation, and if that is the case, then the landlord is liable for the Council Tax.
  8. Once your ESA award ends, and providing the Council are notified by an ETD from the DWP, then they will probably write to you anyway, to ask for income details etc. If you ignore the letter, your claim will most likely be cancelled.
  9. You need to read up on 'applicable amounts' which is how your HB is worked out. http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/pdfs/rightsnet_benefit_rates_poster_2014_15.pdf
  10. There are many ways that Fraud can be discovered. How do you even know how your Fraud was identified? It may not have come from an anonymous source at all and may have been from a Data Match - which are where most Frauds are identified nowadays. As stated above, most frauds are reported anonymously anyway, but even if someone did provide their name, this information would be treated as 'sensitive' by the courts and legal system, and a defence would not have access to this part of the file anyway.
  11. Did you inform JCP AND your Local Council, or just JCP? Did you get any other payments after the 4 week run on for HB? Did you queery receiving any furhter payments? As regards paying the O/P back - you should be able to come to an arrangement with the LA so that you can pay it back in affordable amounts.
  12. That post is slightly misleading tomtom. The 'Housing' Benefit section will deal with the 'Housing' Benefit. You would not get two seperate departments dealing with a claim for HB. It sounds to me like they are getting your 'correspondance address' which should be on your claim details, mixed up with your 'claim address'. You need to make it clearer to them where they need to contact you, and more importantly, why this is the case. This is for your benefit, as if you have a seperate address for correspondance, from where you live, it will always arouse suspicions that your claim may be fraudulent.
  13. Its probably been caused by what is known as an HBMS data match. HMRC tax records (interest paid on the account) is matched against benefit recipeients, and the match is then highlighted. Some of the data does not always match that accurately (although a lot does) so this may be why she is getting called in to clarify the data match.
  14. DWP nor LA would open a Fraud Investigation for such a small amount - hence it being dealt with by a Compliance Interview and not IUC.
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