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  1. I read the advice on paying the fine directly to council and I telephoned National Debtline and consulted a solicitor.


    Technically, if the council accepted my payment, then I had no fine outstanding. So I went on-line and the council website accepted my payment and I printed off a receipt.


    I have also written to the Bailiff company explaining that I have paid the fine to the council, they have accepted my payment and therefore I have no fine outstanding. I requested a breakdown of their costs, which I believe I am legally entitled to.


    Yes, the bailiff can chase me for their costs, but the Notice of Seizure is no longer valid as I have paid the amount to the authority that was chasing me for the amount.


    I have been advised that the bailiff cannot use any powers in relation to this warrant any longer as the warrant is now invalid due to my payment. They can (and probably will) pursue me for their costs and if they can adequately justify them, then I shall pay them but I am not willing to accept a hand-written amount with no explanation as to how they arrived at that figure.


    It is suspected that they have charged for a van for removal, but this was only their first visit so apparently, cannot do that.


    I have not slept since he called last week. Every sound in the house at night frightens me to death. Living on my own with children and the threat of someone telling you they "are at liberty to enter your property when they so choose", is very sinister and genuinely scary.

  2. I did refuse him entry. He pushed himself across my threshold and I asked him to move out as it was against my wishes and will.


    I actually stated to him that I was refusing him entry and he went against that. He was a very big man and I'm only 5ft 3 and I didn't want to push him out incase I faced an assault charge.


    I have signed nothing. There is no proof he entered, no witnesses (equally so, no one to say he didn't).


    Every time I asked him to move back he smirked and said "no. I'm comfortable here."


    I cannot believe this is acceptable practice. Also, how can he take goods just like that without having a Walking Possession Order?


    I'm so confused, angry and quite frankly, really scared of the man!

  3. Hi there,


    Don't know if anyone can help. I had a really distressing situation today and wondered if anyone could shed any light as to what the bailiffs can/can't do and if he behaved correctly.


    Bailiff called, I answered the door to "I have a warrant in my possession and i have come to collect goods from your home to the amount owed." I had remembered I owed a parking fine and was really angry with myself for not sorting it out. The bailiff then demanded I pay him £412. I was astounded! I asked him how I owed £412. He read off of a felt tipped sheet. I asked for a piece of paper with the breakdown of the charges, he refused. I then said I was closing the door to make a phone call to a solicitor for advice. He put his foot on the frame of the door and told me I wasn't allowed to that. I told him he wasn't coming into my property. He said that he had a warrant and could. My refusal was a 'breach of the peace' and he could phone the police to help him. I told him to call the police then.


    He made a phone call, giving my address (I guess to the police or someone else).


    I told him I was willing to pay in instalments. He refused. I mentioned that he had never visited my premises before for this so how were the charges broken down? He then said "Actually it's £311.00 you owe." I can take the full amount now or take your goods, I have a warrant. He then told me that if the police were called, I would be taken away and that my home would be empty for him to take what he pleased.


    He by now had two feet on my door frame. I asked him if could move back onto my porch. He refused. I told him that his manner was intimidating (I'm a single parent and was on my own), could he please move his feet out of my door frame. He refused. I made a telephone call to a solicitor (by now I was in tears and very distressed). The bailiff said that I would be charged £90 for him to wait while I called the solicitor. I told the solicitor that a bailiff with a warrant was at my door. She told me that as I had opened the door to him that he was at liberty to enter.


    I ignored what was said by the solicitor and didn't share this information with the bailiff. I asked him again to remove his feet from my door frame, he refused.


    I asked again for a piece of paper with a breakdown of costs. He refused.


    In the end, the police didn't arrive and he has given me 7 days to find £311. He said he could just take stuff from my house. He handed me a piece of paper "NOTICE OF SEIZURE OF GOODS AND INVENTORY". On this is the initial amount owed for the fine £112 and £199 bailiff charges.


    There is no explanation of the charges. This is the first time he has ever visited my address. I have signed nothing. He is coming back in 7 days to demand £311. I have looked on here and have not had any WALKING POSSESSION ORDER or done or levy of distress or anything.


    He is acting lawfully? Is is behaviour acceptable? Is he telling the truth?


    I'm in pieces over this!


    Many thanks : )

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