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  1. I read the advice on paying the fine directly to council and I telephoned National Debtline and consulted a solicitor. Technically, if the council accepted my payment, then I had no fine outstanding. So I went on-line and the council website accepted my payment and I printed off a receipt. I have also written to the Bailiff company explaining that I have paid the fine to the council, they have accepted my payment and therefore I have no fine outstanding. I requested a breakdown of their costs, which I believe I am legally entitled to. Yes, the bailiff can chase me for their cos
  2. I did refuse him entry. He pushed himself across my threshold and I asked him to move out as it was against my wishes and will. I actually stated to him that I was refusing him entry and he went against that. He was a very big man and I'm only 5ft 3 and I didn't want to push him out incase I faced an assault charge. I have signed nothing. There is no proof he entered, no witnesses (equally so, no one to say he didn't). Every time I asked him to move back he smirked and said "no. I'm comfortable here." I cannot believe this is acceptable practice. Also, how can he take goods
  3. Does he not need a Walking Possession Order or Levy Distress on my goods? Isn't £199 charge for a first visit steep? I can't see anything that relates to that sort of charge for a first visit.
  4. Hi, Yes, I received a couple of letters from the council concerned. It was very remiss of me and I should have acted sooner. I wondered about contacting the council directly and settling with them?
  5. Hi there, Don't know if anyone can help. I had a really distressing situation today and wondered if anyone could shed any light as to what the bailiffs can/can't do and if he behaved correctly. Bailiff called, I answered the door to "I have a warrant in my possession and i have come to collect goods from your home to the amount owed." I had remembered I owed a parking fine and was really angry with myself for not sorting it out. The bailiff then demanded I pay him £412. I was astounded! I asked him how I owed £412. He read off of a felt tipped sheet. I asked for a piece of paper with
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