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  1. It was a faulty ECU in the end, was corrupting data between all the different car modules and some of that information was speed data. Replaced ABS sensors, ABS unit and the ECU trying to figure out what it was. Sent a letter to the police explaining the situation with copies of the receipts etc and asking nicely if courts could be avoided and they are going to have a look into it. This was a month ago now so hopefully that's a good sign.
  2. To be honest I was wondering why everyone had started slowing down a lot lately but lets be honest, you assume your speedo is working all the time don't you. Whan was the last time you thought "Is my speedo reading right?" I have been switching between several cars lately as the missus keeps stealing mine so I ended up driving hers a lot, as well as friends cars etc. Small cars feel faster than big cars and so on. Her car is small, mine's a lot bigger in every way. Sounds like excuses, which to an extent I guess they are, but you expect brakes and tyres to wear out but like I said yo
  3. Was just reading about the parking company scams and got confused ;-) Pretty much what I was thinking up to now. Just a little annoying when I see all the dangerous driving out there and when I'm generally so careful something like this happens. Thanks for the feedback up to now though guys.
  4. I recently received 2 parking tickets through the post for speeding. One was 57 in a 50 and the other 62 in a 50. When the first one came through I was convinced I wasn't speeding but like many shrug my shoulders and accept it as I must have drifted with the traffic or something like that. The second ticket I know for a fact I wasn't speeding, or if I was would only have been an indicated 2mph on my speedo as I remember the incident and remember looking at the speedo before I got to the speed trap and as I was going through it. It's a common location for the trap so I'm alw
  5. Yet another update, 1st Credit have now put the questionable debt on my credit file with a default date of 08/12/2005. They are really starting to annoy me big time. I know it will drop off the end of this year but can they really do this if they can't produce a credit agreement to prove the debt is actually mine?
  6. Filed, I'll just pretend it's my old boss asking me to do some work
  7. These guys just don't give up do they? Just had a "statement" off them regarding all the payments over the last year suggesting I contact them to arrange payments. So looks like although they are no longer actively chasing payment the computers are still set to auto-print, auto-post and auto-annoy lol Any suggestions on a letter I could send them to basically tell them to go away as they cannot produce the original credit agreement?
  8. Is this the same as the LCS Solicitors they threatened me with? Still expecting a letter off them as well. One thing I've learnt is that interdepartmental communications are usually pretty useless.
  9. My blood and broken glass from my front window no doubt lol
  10. Must admit I kind of expect this to happen. To quote the email "Kindly be advised 1st Credit Ltd are no longer actively chasing payment for this account" I always seem to read "but will not hesitate to sell it on at the first opportunity we have to try make some money back and to wipe that smug look off your face as you obviously know you beat us. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience we will cause you, but obviously wouldn't mean it." at the end of that sentence for some reason.
  11. That's one I do plan on doing lol. Hopefully there'll be a letter in the post to me soon which will be a little more official than an e-mail. Still, now filed with "Laugh at the cheeky buggers and forget it".
  12. Well just had an email off them saying they can not produce the original credit agreement so they are no longer chasing the payment. Result. I take it I don't need to take any further action on this matter now then? Thanks for all your help with this matter, your advice has been invaluable.
  13. Thanks. There's definitely going to be a donation to this site when I'm paid. Chill out for the weekend now then start more letter writing Monday I think. Thanks for everything and have a good weekend.
  14. It won't be seen by the system as an admission of ownership would it? Or do I start the claim with that recurring sentence from earlier, I not acknowledge.....
  15. I read that takes 40 days or so to complete, is it worth starting it earlier or later? Again thanks for the help, you're all making the process easier on my nerves lol So complicated when you know nothing about this minefield of a subject.
  16. Excellent. Gonna keep quiet on them for now anyway as the CCA letter is on it's way. Looking around it seems like it's normal to have to wait up to 3 weeks to hear back from these guys, so any tips on what to look at doing next? SAR to Lloyds TSB maybe?
  17. Is it worth addind the "I do not acknowledge" line to any emails or wouldnt they be able to use them against me?
  18. I'm getting emails off them now saying I haven't replied to a letter they sent that I never received. I take it not talking by phone email etc is a good idea and to stick with royal mail would be the best course of action?
  19. Thanks for the link, missed that one. Letter is done and ready to go tomorrow. Will keep you all informed how it goes.
  20. Should have said who the OC is, sorry. I've been told that it is LTSB Credit Card which I'm pretty certain I have not used in over 6 years as I stopped using it long before I opened my "new" account in June 2005. The fact it's not on my credit file suggests it defaulted over 6 years ago as I couldn't keep up with payments. Anyways, the CCA request is it the letter N from this link? /forum/showthread.php?20758-Creditors-and-DCAs-Letter-Templates-amp-Budget-Planner&p=162367&viewfull=1#post162367
  21. Trying to find the letter now. Sorry, I'm new to all this and must admit they have got me worried a bit so just after peace of mind so apologise for my questions. If no court action can be taken all they can do is call me and send threatening letters then? Can only thank you so much for all your help on this matter.
  22. Wow, fast response, will get that done first thing tomorrow. Just to clear something up, if the debt is SB there's no way they can follow through on the threats of legal action is there?
  23. I have recently recieved a phone call off 1st Credit asking for payment on an old debt. This debt originates from a pretty dark period in my life and I made some wrong choices on how to deal with things and did what a lot of young naive people seem to do and buried my head in the sand. Not proud of this but what's done is done. Anyway, as mentioned a little over a week ago I get a call out of the blue stating I owe over £12000. I instantly stated I have no knowledge of this debt and asked for proof of debt which they still have not supplied. About a week later I get another call asking f
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