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  1. So after about 8 hours on the phone to various people and 3 visits to Vodafone shops I have now been told my number cannot be transferred. My old contract with 3 finished and I decided to move to Vodafone PAYG. I transferred my PAC code on 27/02/13 and expected a smooth transfer. How wrong could I be. I was initially informed it would be done within 2 working days. By 04/03/13 it still had'nt been transferred hence me calling Vodafone after 1 hour trying to get through I gave up and decided to go into store where I was told ot would be done within a few days by 08/03/2013 it still wasn't so i decided to visit the Trafford Centre store where I was met with a belligerent man who didn't seem to know what was going on and gave me a new sim and said it would be done my 11/12th of March. Obviously this wasn't done so I went back into store and was promtly told my PAC code had been transferred to an old Vodafone system and their was nothing they could do. I requested their complaints procedure and called them up. After speaking to a lady called Ann on 14/03/13 I was advised I would be required to wait until the PAC code had expired which was the 18/03/2013 and get a new one from my old provider. Lo and behold I called my old provider who are unable to issue a new PAC code as this number has already been lost by Vodafone during the porting process. So after another 2 hours wasted this morning on the phone to Vodafone and 3 . I have now been advised due to Vodafone's complete f**k up I can't have my number ported in and a measly £40 free credit doesn't cut the mustard. I have now been left wondering what is going on and with little hope of this being sorted. Would you suggest accepting the £40 free credit or taking this further via OFCOM/FOS ? They certainly haven't heard the end of this.
  2. Has anybody had any issues cancelling their service with these xxxxxxxx? They appear to be an offshoot of setanta and judging my some other posts in here are just as bad. In the T's and C's they state 'We require 30 days notice to cancel' . The monthly DD was taken today and I rang today to cancel they stated october and november's DD is also due??? I tried getting through to him that this is a lot more than 30 days notice but he was having none of it. I agreed to pay october's DD but not november's he wasn't budging. OK premier sports for that DD has been cancelled today and your'e getting nothing more!
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