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  1. Sorry i had enough over here. Seriously this is so frustrating and annoying please close this thread all the information and reasons why they have canceled the policy and my complaint to all parties includes the financial ombudsman already listed in my first post, instead i am getting the exact same questions without a single reply or any useful information which is more annoying instead of getting help and answers i am getting questions and nothing apart from questions which doesn't help either . i am looking for legal information if i should raise a court action and where i stand
  2. HI All hope someone can answer my stright forward question and point me out to any link in regards to the legal requirement for motor insurance policy cancellation by the insurance company. CAN ISNURANCE COMPANY CANCEL MOTOR INSURANCE POLICY LEGALY ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON REGARDLESS. IS THAT LEGAL AND THEY DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO.
  3. Thanks So far i received no respond from the form to my question, can insurance company cancel any insurance policy any time for any reason, is that legal or illegal. this is the main question i have placed where i received no reply at all, intead i been asked what the isnurance company name and who's broker. has any one got an answer please so i can find out where i stand, i can't find any information online in regards to the legal requirement for any isnurance company to cancel a policy Thanks
  4. Hi, i think the main or the head office in Spain not in uk, here is all details at the cover note, This insurance is arranged and administered by PolicyPlan (a trading style of Staveley Head Limited). Registered in England and Wales No. 2802585. Registered office Staveley House, Church Street, Connah's Quay, CH5 4AS. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company plc, R22-R24 Ragged Staff Wharf, Queensway Quay, Gibraltar. Licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar
  5. Just checking the cover note again, the head of the cover note and also the cancellation letter both state Policy Plan however the signed part for the insurance certificate by both Policy Plan and Enterprise Insurance Plc , Thanks
  6. Hi,Many thanks for your help, the broker called fresh insurance, the cancellation letter from policy plan which is a trading name to Stevely Head , currently i have no motor trade insurance and had to take standard insurance to cover my own vehicle and the hire purchase one, the other recovery truck are not insured at all, Thanks
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply, the company called Policy Plan under Staveley head ltd. did i post the thread in the wrong category, i was following the insurance category, sorry if i misplaced my thread, can it be moved, Cheers Hi, Thanks for your reply, i did sent a complaint to the broker and the insurance company, also got the citizen advice bureau involve and spoke to them, last month, they have asked for pictures and did sent them pictures and even video to my unit and yard at the industrial estate, ever since no reply what so ever, the solicitor asked for £2000 which i don't currently h
  8. Hi All As title stated, how can insurance company cancel policy for no reason or even false reason. I had a motor transportation insurance which been cancelled by the insurance company with no reason giving and even without my knowledge, Did read some thread over here claiming insurance company only require to sent a recorded letter regardless if received or not and regardless of the cancellation reason. The cancellation has cost me so far £20000 refund for customer's booking. hire purchase, rent , mortgage, wages. and had to shut down my business totally as no any other insur
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