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  1. Hey just come across this problem which is almost 80% similar to the problem I have obtaining my mother's lease for her council tax support and housing rent benefit claims which I will post about shortly however I am really interested in what the update is/or what the outcome was to this problem? Thanks
  2. 1st SAR letter typed to Platform hoping to see if account charges, early settlement and MEAF charges were paid so that I can start my 1st claim to be refunded
  3. Hey determinator, I get your logic especially as I've said in my post should I add company names and brief details onto the signature part so that its on each individual post and I also asked if I should post a brief history on the summary part of my profile but alas no one has responded to my questions I've decided its probably best for me to add to my profile signature all the details listed per company and in two columns (1 for my issues and 1 for my mothers issues) and at the start of each thread a brief history detailing the personal situation past and current. Really appreciate your offer to help Typed my 1st SAR letter tonight
  4. Leaving my mums 5 month old puppy, Millie, a Maltese Terrier, at the vets to be spade, the nurse went through the permissions list, asking if I wanted to allow them to cut her toe nails, to which I said 'no' and did I want her returned with a neck collar, to which I said 'no'. When my mum collected Millie, she was 'horrified' to see that her female parts were not the only thing the vet had removed! The vet had cut off all her facial hair up to her forehead including her eyelashes and also cutting off her under chin beard hair! My mother immediately complained to the nurse and 2 days later when I took Millie back for her after surgery check, I complained to the vet who had actually performed the surgery. Showing her a photo of Millies face before surgery, I asked 'why has she been returned to us looking like a totally different dog' and 'why on earth was her facial hair cut when she only went to be spade?' I was told that the nurse had thought she was just doing her job as Millie was drooling. What was wrong with wiping any drool with a towel or cloth and then washing her face? I told her that I was horrified that they assumed it would okay for them to cut off her hair when I would not give permission for them to cut her nails. I stated it would of taken a 5 minute telephone call from the vets to ask either my mother or myself for our permission to cut her hair and that surely the permission question should be included in the pre-surgery questionnaire. The vet called my mother and said that she would be elevating the complaint with the practices senior partner and the nurse in question. I told my mother that she should request a full refund of the cost for Millie to be spade as I felt the vet should refund either all or some of the operations cost as a sign of goodwill after unauthorised cutting of Millies face hair. My mother requested a refund and was told 'no'. Is there anything that we can do? Is there a governing board that we can report the vet to?
  5. Thanks guys....I can see that many users use the signature section of their profile to provide brief information by individually listing the companies they need help with including their account debt details and brief info that they need help and advice for and even list if they have been successful getting refunded so I'm thinking that is probably the best place for me to list my issues in 2 columns as I've 2 peoples accounts to deal with and maybe use a separate font colour per column and then maybe I should write a brief summary too? I won't list on here. Is the CAG toolbar only available to use on Internet Explorer and Firefox? I have Chrome so should I download it?
  6. Excellent citizenB, thanks I've added the star for dx. I think its important to give kudos to the help I am receiving.
  7. Thank you so much for that information. Have to say Britannia is looking good seeing as the mortgage was settled in Nov 2004. I tried to leave my comment on your account but it keeps saying that I can't??? I've got a headache.
  8. hey guys, spent ages typing a reply with loads of information and the finger slipped and I lost it!!! I'd already checked the sites on the links you supplied citizenB and I didn't send SAR letters to the addresses listed on the sites as the site says 'contact details for those who have a current Platform mortgage' and because this was settled in 2004 I wasn't sure these addresses would be correct?
  9. citizenB this post is ONLY about the Capital One Visa debt that I have limited information for. For instance I don't know if it was sold to Robinson Way or if they are part of Capital One as on their letters it says Robinson Way (ex Capital One) Ltd but the information from Horwich Farrelly Solicitors letters on behalf of their client Robinson Way of the same address state the CCJ was awarded to Robinson Way (assignees of Capital One) Ltd in Feb 2009. The other issues with Santander and the secured 2nd charge loan my mother had will be put on separate posts but not today as I'm tired.
  10. Hello. I've been reading many posts about reclaiming charges/fees/interest added/mortgage exit admin fees from mortgage lenders including accounts that were settled some time ago so I thought I would send a SAR request for this mortgage account which was settled early switching to a remortgage with another lender. The only details I have are; the account number, the settlement figure paid (I do not know if MEAF or if early repayment charges were included in the settlement paid) and the date it was paid. I do not know the date the mortgage began. I can not find any address for Platform Home Loans for me to send the SAR letter to? Can anyone help? I don't even know who owns Platform? Thanks for any help or information.
  11. Wow thanks for the instructions, its really helpful as I too have an issue with an old CapOne visa debt but the case is more serious than this one and I will post it on a separate thread eventually. Spreadsheets, well that word frightens me as I haven't used one of those in over 20 years! I haven't used the library yet so I hope its easy to do the spreadsheet or I'll be crying out for more help
  12. Hello fkofilee, thanks for coming back to me so quickly, I'm new to the laptop and hope I added quote correctly, forgive me for any mistakes. This unique situation is just the 1st of many, some similar, some totally different, some belong to me and some to my mother. I really need to add a page to my profile or where ever I can detailing all the background information so that all the users trying to help and advice me can read up and understand how we are where we are, can you tell me if this is possible as it would take forever to add the background on each individual post? Back to this question. Yes I do have the settlement offer letter which was from Horwich Farrelly Solicitors dated 19th November 2010 on behalf of their clients Robinson Way. You say to send CapOne the SAR letter but which one do I use? Do I just combine the PPI, Unfair Charges letter? Sorry to sound like a div but huge appreciation
  13. thanks everyone for the tips. Thought I'd searched plenty of posts before posting my first question and Daniella has made me realise that none of the firms names are in the post title although I think I tagged it with all the firms names, hopefully the site team will redirect it to the right place (not this post as I read this thread is for new users to introduce themselves, which is what I did). It certainly is a huge site and I must admit I was rather lost knowing which forum to put my questions on? I will read on. I would like to put a brief overview of all the accounts and issues I have to sort out both for myself and for my mother at the bottom of the page as I've noticed other users do. Lots of instructions for me to read. So far thanks again.
  14. Hey there, yes I change the provided temporary password straight away... just now was my 3rd login attempt and I made certain that I checked every letter, digit, symbol as I entered them? It's peculiar and typical of my luck right now but on a positive note I have been able to post my first question,
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