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  1. Spoken with HMCS who state that there is no specified time limit for marstons to apply when collecting fees etc. I'm not sure this is true as its been stated on more than one site that one proviso for them getting the contract was the ability to charge 75.00 admin fee and then 200 for attendance fee and that 6 months be allowed for payment plans...anyhoo, the lady at HMCS although very pleasant didnt seem terribly knowledgeable, she didn't really know what to levy goods meant and seemed to think the bailiff could pretty much force his way in whenever he liked and if I objected then the polic
  2. I cant remember the date of the next steps notice from HMCS but it was within a week as I get paid on 1st of the month. I paid the remaining £32.75 on 02.06.11 @ 16.32 at the post office (actually I paid 33.00 as I couldnt remember the exact figure so best to round up rather than down!). I've just spoken to marston who have the GPRS record of all visits to my home and the first visit was made on 06.07.11 @ 10.41 which was well over a month after the payment had been made. Now I can understand a few days between payments making an appearance on an account but not well over a month. The first le
  3. Brassnecked,I paid the original 32.75 in cash at the post office against one of those payment cards the court issues and it was accepted - payment went through so as far as I was concerned my debt had been paid in full. I appreciate the timing was a tad out and that I will need to pay the £75.00 admin fee imposed by Marstons, its the £200 fee for attendance I am now querying as they had no need to attend if the debt had been cleared before they posted the letter. I am sure the letters sent are designed to frighten people into paying whatever is necessary to keep these bullies away from our ho
  4. Thanks DX. I have called HMCS to clarify the position on the 6 months to pay agreement as part of their contract with with Marstons and am awaiting a callback. Also, Marstons first letter to me was posted but nobody knocked (my neice was staying with me at the time) so I'm wondering how they could give me the chance to discuss or indeed pay if they had no intention of speaking to me? Obnoxious woman who was trying to extract fees from me yesterday informs me that the overpaid postmen who knock and run carry GPRS with them to record time and location of posting. They could all affo
  5. Hi, just joined tonight after spending hours pouring over the many useful Marston threads.. .My story is similar to the one above but the balance on my outstanding fine was just 32.75p, I received a further steps notice from HMCS and as soon as I was paid my monthly wage paid the remaining money to HMCS by cash on the payment card at the post office (02/06/11) Fast forward to 7th July and I come home to a removal notice for 307.75p. I called Marston and was spoken to by a very rude and obnoxious person who told me I had to provide proof of payment to them. I faxed
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